Let’s Talk About: ONE Condoms

5044338738_e31ffa68b2_bBelieve it or not, there’s more condoms out there than Trojan. Nothing against Trojan, but there are a whole lot more companies making condoms and gear for sexy times. Isn’t one of the whole pleasures of sex all the variety that comes with it? Enter ONE, the coolest, smartest condom company out there. They’ve got variety, knowledge, and coolness. They market & make condoms in all the right ways, so that some people can finally realize they’re a little dumb for not wearing one. Plus, there’s a lot more to their condoms than just making sex safer.

ONE not only makes condoms, they make them into a movement. The awareness for safe sex & sex positivity is on the rise. Which makes me very, very happy. So with that movement, come companies like this who push it in the right direction and out to the people. ONE chooses to not only sell you awesome condoms, but teach you about them and all of the fabulous things they do. They don’t just keep babies from being made. They empower, respect, and of course, keep everyone safe and save lives. ONE is all about bringing that to life.

ONE has multiple programs for educating about and encouraging safe sex. I’m talking awesome programs and events. They love to make condoms into art, and art into condoms. They hold contests for people to design packages for their condoms, ask people to hold fashion shows for costumes made from their condoms, and reach out to communities using art in their Lust for Life campaign. Lust for Life helps to stop HIV/AIDS in urban communities through the collaboration of health activists/educators, artists, and ONE. Seriously, sex education couldn’t get any cooler. IMG_0100So, not only does ONE actively advocate for safe sex, educate people on protection, and encourage people to be empowered by safe sexuality, they also make some damn good condoms. They’re dedicated to making products that are the safest and best they can be. They certainly succeed, and in the funnest ways possible. They offer up dozens of different kinds of condoms. All sorts of colors, textures, flavors, anything to suit your pleasure. The package of the condoms themselves is also unique, eye catching, and smart. Each pack of condoms comes with a circular travel tin to ensure you have no excuse for taking them along with you. The tin also keeps the condom much more protected and in tact than in a pocket or wallet. You can’t take a gamble with that stuff, Fangirls.


But wait, there’s more! ONE doesn’t just make condoms. They’ve also got two lubricants, one water based and one silicone based. ONE also features two “Pleasure Kits”, which give you everything you need for some sweet, safe lovin’. They include things like condoms, lube, cock rings, bullet vibes, and finger tip vibrators. I mean, this company is making it so you have no absolutely excuses to have down right fantastic, safe sex. Did I mention those kits come at no more than $30? Seriously, there are no excusesc700x420I’m pretty damn obsessed with this company, friends. It only makes sense for a condom company to take more than just the condoms into consideration. There’s a whole lot else surrounding the topic of protection, and ONE tackles it all perfectly. They educate, encourage, and supply, all with beautiful design & community. Thumbs up, ONE. You’re the fucking best.

IFWT_one5Become a part of ONE’s fancorp & volunteer activist group, Army of ONE! With that, you can take part in assignments that encourage awesome, healthy sex. You can even be rewarded with points to redeem for free condoms & goodies, and access to exclusives. I’ll even bring you right to the enlisting page, just because I like you so much.

Also, be sure to keep up with the ONE community on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, keep up with your supply of ONE condoms buy purchasing them right from their website, or at any of these locations.





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