Music: Honeyblood

HoneybloodWelcome to my newest chick-punk obsession, Fangirls. I heard a snippet of one of Honeyblood’s songs in the background of a talk radio show, and spent the day trying to figure out what it was. Eventually, after calling the radio station and telling them the exact moment I heard this beautiful noise, they were able to point my towards Honeyblood. Best phone call I’ve ever made.

This is one of the best bands I’ve found this year, and that statement will probably remain true for the remainder of 2015. It’s not that they are above all bands in everywhere, it’s just that they are exactly what I want to be hearing. A polished form of noisy punk rock, presented by kick ass women who know how to write some killer songs. Honeyblood is exactly that.

The minute I found out that it was Honeyblood in the background of that radio show, I immediately went to binge on the entirety of the song “Killer Bangs.” I had just heard a snippet of the chorus, and I needed to hear everything that surrounded it. I was in my car, hooting & howling over every moment of the song, opening my windows despite the rain, professing my instant undying love for this band. A quick, beautifully toned guitar riff slams all around, with a bouncing percussion to match. The vocals of Stina Tweeddale accompany with a howling, taking the fore front, and bringing this music into that car bopping dimension. “Killer Bangs,” like a lot of Honeyblood’s songs, have a great deal of dynamics for some punk rock. This song slows in tempo and builds a bit towards the end, before jumping back into the original tempo & riff of the song. It’s just exciting to listen to.a9058734I think what I love about Honeyblood is their variety. They’re not just a straightforward punk rock band. They’ve got songs that lead much more towards pop, slower songs that tread on the more atmospheric rock types. In certain songs, I can hear deep rooted influences like PJ Harvey, and in others I can hear a more current punk sound resembling bands like Warpaint. However, there’s no doubt that Honeyblood is all themselves. They mash up all this different stuff and filter it through their sound. Which is why I think that their recent 2014 debut album being self titled works so damn perfectly.

Honeyblood’s music is something to get hooked on. Their eclectic punk sound offers something up for everyone to love. These Glasgow girls are going to, and are already beginning to, hit rock music hard. I shaking with excitement for everything else that they will deliver to us in coming years. Until then, I ride around, shouting along to “Super Rat” until my throat is raw. Listen, and join me.










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