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Hey Fangirls, I thought that today I would talk about how I stopped using shampoos and conditioners in my hair. My hair is fairly long extremely think and curly and the majority of the time I could pass for Rubeus Hagrid. In the last few months before I stopped shampooing I noticed that my hair wasn’t in it’s best condition. It was greasy, frizzy, and just didn’t look good. I started to look online for alternatives for my hair and found an article about using baking soda and apple sider vinegar as a cleaning source.


I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on this method, some people swear by it and some people think it destroys your hair. For me personally it has worked and my hair looks human again. Since I’ve started this my hair no longer feels greasy the night I wash it and I can go longer without washing if I need to. I personally try not to wash my hair too often, I opt to wash it ever other day or every couple of days.

I keep a mason jar and a little cup in my shower. Before I go to shower I put two table spoons of baking soda in the mason jar and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the other cup and keep them outside of the shower.

When I am ready for them I take the jar with the baking soda and fill it up with water, until it is close to the brim. I then mix it until I can’t see the powder anymore. Then I take it and poor it through my hair a little a little at a time making sure I don’t miss a spot. Once I am done I run my hands through my hair making sure it all goes through the way you would with shampoo.

The vinegar part is very similar to the baking soda. I take the small cup and poor it into the mason jar and dilute it with water to the brim. I then more it a little by lithe through my hair and then rinse it out. As far as I can tell, this process doesn’t leave my hair smelling like vinegar.

I don’t think I will ever go back to regular shampoo, because it’s been a long time since they have been good with my hair. If anything I will start using organic shampoos, but for now I am happy with using this method. It’s only been a few months and it will take some time to tell if this is a long term thing, but I will be sure to tell you if anything changes.








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