The Walking Dead: “Conquer”

6_y8zk.1920So the season is over, and it has left us in an interesting position where Alexandria has almost seen the need for Rick’s group in the aftermath of the events that took place in this season’s final episode.

The episode opens with Morgan! We see him waking up and brewing a cup of coffee in his camp and you could almost swear he is just camping. As he sits a man with a “W” carved in his forehead much like the walkers we have been seeing all season approaches and holds Morgan at gunpoint. He confirms the signs that have been seen that he and his group, the Wolves, have been hunting people down and eliminating them. He very calmly tells Morgan that hes going to kill him and take all of his stuff as well as Morgan himself. Morgan goes full Jedi and sees another Wolf trying to sneak up on him and dodges his blade, taking them both down with his walking stick. He puts them in the car he was sleeping in and honks the horn to make sure that no walkers are around before he leaves them. Later he talks about how all life is precious, and this clearly extends to even those who would try to hurt him.

In Alexandria, Rick regains consciousness after Michonne knocked him out and he is patched up in what looks like a small medical area. He is told that Pete has been moved to another house and Deanna is planning an open forum that night to let the community speak about Rick and she will make a decision about whether or not he can stay. Rick plans to go to the forum to defend himself, but he also makes a backup plan with Carol to seize control of the town in case things get out of hand.

walking-dead-finale-01Maggie tries to talk Deanna out of organizing the forum. She is unsuccessful, but is determined to talk to the rest of the town to attempt to sway them in their opinions on Rick. Rick goes to see Jessie and she thanks him for his help, and he promises to protect her. It’s nice to see her not judge him as crazy because of what happened the previous day. Rick later admits to Michonne that he and Carol had stolen guns from the armory and tries to return his gun to her. She will not accept it, stating tht she would not have stopped him and that she knocked him out for him and not for the people of Alexandria. She continues in saying that she is confident they can integrate into this community but, even if they cant, she will follow him anywhere.

Carol pays a visit to Pete with more cooking and tells him that he should go check on Tara since he is the one who fixed her up. When he refuses, Carol threatens him with a knife and says that she could easily kill him and claim self defense and nobody would even question her based on the persona that she has built since she got here. After she leaves Pete throws the dish on the floor and has a nervous breakdown. Cooking from Carol is starting to become synonymous with a threat.

Abraham visits Tara and finally makes peace with Eugene. Eugene gives Abraham the credit for getting them to Alexandria, and apologizes to him about Washington D.C. Abraham apologizes for nearly killing Eugene but Eugene tells him he was pretty much justified in doing so.

Outside the walls, Sasha goes out to bury the group of walkers she had killed while we watched Rick having his breakdown. Being that she is still emotionally unstable, Sasha lays down in the mass grave with the walkers almost saying to us that she is already dead, and her only place of peace is among other dead.

e341cabc-a2cc-e83e-431f-0347c8a6441ftwd516gp11120192jpg-f1f34fDaryl and Aaron find evidence of other people moving around the forest and begin to track them. Aaron tells Daryl about the group that he recruited and then had to escort out when they were banished by Deanna, whom she had mentioned before. He says how they escorted them far out, left them with a days worth of supplies and no weapons. They see a lone survivor wearing a red poncho in the middle of a field and follow him with intention of watching him in order to decide if he should be recruited. They eventually lose track of him, and when they come upon some abandoned food trucks at a factory, decide that these can take precedence over the survivor for the time being.

When they go to the trucks, Aaron gets himself an Alaska license plate to add to his collection and they accidentally set off a trap that releases 3 trucks full of walkers and they are forced into a tiny car for shelter. Daryl does pull some sick anime moves with a chain whip, though, taking out 3 walkers with a bit of chain he found in their panic. Just when Daryl offers to make a run for it to draw them away and Aaron decides they go together, Morgan shows up and frees them from their trap and they all escape unscathed. When asked why he helped, Morgan replies that all life is precious. Aaron makes the offer to bring him into Alexaandria and after refusing and showing them the map Rick left in the church with Abraham’s note on it, Daryl realizes he is looking for Rick.  Later that night, the two Wolves from earlier bring the survivor in the red poncho to the location, only to find their trap triggered. They cut the survivor’s throat, and while resetting the trap, the Wolves find Aaron’s dropped pack, containing pictures of Alexandria, though I suspect the Wolves were formed by the 3 who were exiled since they have now been mentioned twice.

Glenn sees Nicholas climbing over the wall and grows suspicious and follows him out. While tracking him, Glenn is shot and wounded by Nicholas. Glenn escapes and later gets imagesthe drop on Nicholas. A struggle ensues and Nicholas manages to escape, leaving Glenn to defend himself against walkers they attracted. Later, as Nicholas tries to escape, Glenn tracks him down and gets the drop on him again, and eventually gets Nicholas at gunpoint. After Nicholas begs for his life, Glenn ultimately spares him and they make their way back toward Alexandria.

Father Gabriel has a moment outside the walls of Alexandria when he went on a walk by himself. He offers himself to a walker but changes his mind and kills it with the noose around its neck, decapitating it and then smashing its head in with a rock. He mercy kills the man the walker was eating who is still twitching a bit. Upon returning to Alexandria, Father Gabriel is asked by Spencer to close the front gate, but he does not properly close it, leaving it partially open. He almost does it knowingly lazily. I don’t think he meant to let any walkers in but, he was in such a daze that he just kid of shoved the gate closed.

Sasha goes to the church and asks Father Gabriel for help, though he says he cannot help her. Sasha admits that she wants to die, and Father Gabriel blames Bob’s death on her, which sets her off into a rage. A struggle ensues and Sasha holds Father Gabriel at gunpoint, Maggie arrives just in time, having left the forum when the people start to stand against Rick out of ignorance. Father Gabriel then admits his guilt over letting his congregation die, and Maggie helps him to his feet and they are seen at the close of the episode, seemigly talking through the pain.

Rick finds the front gate open when he leaves to go to the forum and also finds evidence that walkers have entered. As he looks for them, he is ambushed by them but he manages to kill them all without any casualties in the community. Meanwhile, the forum begins. Michonne, Carol, Abraham, and Maggie all speak in Rick’s defense. Deanna then, in the spirit of transparency,  reveals what Father Gabriel had told her, about how Rick and his group are bad people willing to put themselves before the town. The forum is interrupted when Rick carries in the corpse of one of the walkers he killed, demonstrating that Alexandria’s walls alone will not be enough.

He tells them that outsiders, both living and dead, will try to get in, because they(the people of Alexandria) are inside. He again tells the people of Alexandria that they have to be ready to make tough choices, and he will teach them to do so and how to survive. This speech was cited by Andrew Lincoln as comparable to Rick’s Season 2 “This is Not a Democracy” speech; he is taking control. Pete arrives with Michonne’s katana, angrily yelling that Rick does not belong in Alexandria. Reg attempts to talk Pete down, but is Morgan-The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-2killed when Pete cuts his throat. Abraham subdues Pete and Deanna sobs over Reg as he dies in her arms. She looks at Rick and says “Rick!…do it.” and without another word, Rick points his gun at Pete and executes him. At that very moment, Daryl, Aaron, and Morgan arrive back and witness the execution. This puts us in an interesting spot where Deanna has broken her rule that they will never kill anyone, and Morgan is now faced with the man he worked so hard to find, standing over a man and shooting him. Deanna has also in a way just accepted Rick as authority and made the decision to keep him around in one fell swoop.

In a scene after the credits, Michonne is seen putting her katana back on the wall, but decides to take it down and carry it again, and i have never felt so good about seeing someone pick up a weapon in this show. It was such a feeling of seeing someone become whole again. Back at the the Wolves’ trap, the red poncho survivor, now a walker, stumbles past the car that Daryl and Aaron had taken shelter in, upon which has been written “WOLVES NOT FAR”.

That’s it for the season!! such a wordy recap!! I for one, am so excited to see where this will bring us for Season 6!!

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.


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