Appdicted: Two Dots

image (20)Never in my life have I gotten so involved in an app, Fangirls. Yes, every other week I tell you about an app that has stolen my heart, but nothing can compare what is happening between Two Dots & me. It’s a rather savage addiction. Playing in the middle of the night, sneaking it at work. Trips to the bathroom have turned into 20 minute voyages, refusing to leave until I’ve gone through all my lives and can no longer play. I adore this game. I want to share it with the world. But I must warn you of what you are getting yourself into.

If you recall, a similar obsession went on with the mother of this game, Dots. However, it’s offspring is really a whole other breed that is more challenging, more consuming, more everything. If you’re familiar with Dots, this will start out just fine, but then get a little horrifying. For a former Dots player, at first, you don’t even see what is much different about the game. image_4 (13)Connect the dots. Try to make squares. Gather the required amount of certain colors within as many moves as you’re allowed. Simple enough. That was the joy of Dots, and the joy of the first few levels of Two Dots. However, things quickly grow into unimaginable challenges with more than just dots to worry about. Sometimes, you’ve got to move anchors down the rows. Sometimes, you’ve got to break ice cubes, which take three moves to destroy. Sometimes there’s fireballs, portals, weird water fall things. Sometimes, a few show up together. image_5 (13)Luckily, there are forces working with you through these difficult times. You have 5 lives to use, and one will regenerate every 20 minutes. A taunting countdown will always be ticking, unless you’re lucky enough to have full life. Each day, you also get a chance at these things called “Supply Crates” through your “Daily Quest.” Every day at midnight, you are offered up a Daily Quest to go on.

image_3 (13)It will give you a requirement like lets say, 20 anchors. You can then choose any level that you have been through so far, or have the game choose one for you, to collect the anchors. Once you have 20, or whatever it is you need, you’ll be given supply crates. These little buddies are life savers. Before playing a level, you can choose to use the crate. If you do, it will spin a wheel that will offer you up one helpful trick to hopefully get you to pass the level. Use them sparingly though, you never know when a level is really going to screw you over.

Play your dots right, and you’ll sail through the levels, and through the worlds. Every 10 or 20 levels, the world changes, changing certain factors of the level, including the theme and music. Which, by the way, is fucking fantastic in this entire game. If you make it through certain worlds, you’ll get the most adorable postcards to mark your victories. image_2 (13)I believe that you can handle an app like this, Fangirls. You’re strong. It’ll be tough at times, but you just have to persevere. There will be days, weeks even, when you’ll be stuck on the same level, but don’t give up. Use your crates wisely, be smart with all your moves, and always, always remember; When in doubt, squares can save you.

So get to downloading, Fangirls! This really is one of the most well made apps I have played, probably ever. It’s beautifully designed, everything is so pleasing to look at, from the little characters to even just the color schemes of dots on certain levels. It’s all gorgeous. The music makes me groove, too. The levels are so damn challenging, but that is what keeps me coming back. Two Dots has done everything to make a truly, ultimate appdicting game. Let’s give a round of applause; then a shrieking scream because you’re still stuck on that one stupid fucking level.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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