Watch: Lip Service

Lip-Service-Cast-lip-service-36790327-1200-799I’ve recently been re-watching a series that I had first binged through a few years ago. I found it about two years after its first season, right before it’s second, and final season aired. It’s a British television show, with no actors I had known before, but something had seemed very familiar and comforting about it to me. Then, not very long into starting it, I realized why I fell so hard for Lip Service.

Lip Service is, in a simple explanation, the British L Word. For those of you not familiar with the American Showtime series, the L Word was a television drama focuses on a tight-knit group of LA lesbians. Lip Service, is essentially the same thing, but based in Glasgow. And while that sounds like I’m dissing the show a bit for being unoriginal, I am absolutely in love with Lip Service.

Probably because it is so similar, too. Maybe because it was so familiar to me, it felt a little like home. The L Word had aired from 2004 to 2009, and I had watched it shortly after it ended. So, though I still watch it all the time, having seen all the episodes, nothing about it feels new to me anymore. Lip Service brought along the same sort of tales, but were out for me to watch for the first time. Now that I’m watching it all again, I’m remembering all the intense feelings of seeing it all for the first time, the anticipation for the episodes of season 2 to be posted online, and all that damn drama.p01l63wvLip Service mainly focuses on a woman named Frankie, at first. She is a rather rebellious, aloof womanizer who unexpectedly moved away from Glasgow to New York, leaving her girlfriend at the time & long time best friend, Cat, alone. Now after two years, she returns to Scotland after the death of her aunt, who had raised her. Upon her return to the UK, we jump into the lives of her other friends and their adventures as single lesbians (and some straight men) in Glasgow. We follow Cat, still reeling over the break-up with Frankie, as she tries to navigate the dating scene, and her feelings Frankie now that she has unexpectedly returned. We watch the hilarious misadventures of Tess, who has the absolute worst luck with women, and life. But unfortunately for her, it’s also very funny. We also watch as Ed, Cat’s brother, sadly lusts over Tess despite her sexuality & oblivion to his affection. We watch as these main characters get new girlfriends, lose girlfriends, find new roommates, lose roommates, gathering a few more cast members on the way. Including Lexi, my favorite, who enters in season two. Which brings me to the end of this series, or rather, the lack there of. 2w2Vucx8e7FRHsQkFCVL9YVMNKTSeason two gets intense as all hell, Fangirls. It’s an amazing watch. There’s fabulously good humor, plus some seriously real world shit that the cast all tries to deal with. That’s one of the many reasons why I love this show. It’s dramatic as all get out, but some of it really, really is extra relatable. So, season two ends with all of these things up in the air. Relationships, situations, life itself. Then, it’s creator, Harriet Braun, announced that BBC had decided to cancel the show without an ounce of explanation. Needless to say, I was profoundly heartbroken. What would happen with Lexi and the cop? Or Tess? What was going to become of any of these characters? I thought that maybe the writer would release some sort of final statement, letting everyone know what was going to happen with everyone, so that us fans could sleep easy. But nope, we didn’t get anything. Just like that, Lip Service was over, and there was a void in my soul.

I’ve learned to move on, somewhat, but the feelings of abandonment have returned a bit after watching the series through again. However, all of the lovely feelings I have for this show have also returned. This really is an excellent, real, hilarious show that I seriously recommend. You can find the entire two seasons on YouTube, thanks to Fangirls just like us. So go ham and binge on this entire series, because it’s much too easy to. Keep in mind that season two will only bring you questions, no answers, despite how motherfucking good it is. That, in my opinion, is this series only flaw.









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