The Flash: “Tricksters”

The-Flash-Trickster-1Woah, this episode let us look into Harrison Wells’ past something fierce and it was not at all what I was expecting! It also had the legend, Mark Hamill as the original Trickster and he was brilliant! Come to find out, this was actually a reprisal and he had played the original Trickster in the 1990’s Flash television series. They even used stills from his stint as the Trickster for old crime photos of the Trickster in this episode! His role felt vaguely like his Joker character because he used the same voice for it, but mixed in just enough Hannibal Lector to make it a real treat. This was along with his many pop culture references, my favorite being “It’s my Mona Lisa! My Breaking Bad Season 5!!”

Barry and Joe go after a man who has taken up the mantle of the Trickster, a terrorist from many years ago who created chaos throughout Central City and was the scariest thing to happen to the city before the particle accelerator explosion. As fans of the comics will know, the Trickster is yet another Rogue. The new Trickster looks just like the one who is currently in the comics but, to be honest I am not familiar with the Rogues of the past.

The Trickster is eventually identified as Axel Walker as Barry and Joe investigate and try to catch him before he tears the city apart with his tricks. They seek the help of James Jesse, the original Trickster to help catch him and Jesse is more than upset that this impostor is trying to take his throne.

FLA117A_0397bCome to find out, a diversion set by Axel was set in place in order to break Jesse out of Iron Heights prison and Jesse’s anger about the copycat was all a trick. In their breakout they took a hostage; Henry Allen. They did so as a bargaining chip because Jesse knew that Henry was Barry’s dad and a police officer’s(even though Barry is a CSI investigator) dad is good leverage. Its also revealed by Jesse that Axel is his son.

Jesse and Axel make a strong attempt to extort wealthy patrons at a mayoral ball by poisoning them with a relatively fast acting poison in their champagne and ransoming the antidote. And, of course, Iris is there. When the Flash arrives, the Tricksters strap a bomb to Barry’s wrist that basically is just like the movie, Speed, which Jesse wastes no time pointing out as well. The bomb will detonate if Barry runs slower than 600 mph and if he tries to take it off.

Dr. Wells coaches Barry on how to vibrate his molecules so that he can phase through objects to remove the bomb from his wrist. Through his all too explicit explanation of the feel of the power of speed, Barry’s suspicions about Dr. Wells solidify into him now believing that he is the Reverse Flash. Nevertheless, it works, and Barry runs through the length of a long truck and the bomb goes off, leaving Barry unharmed. This is huge, though, because these are powers that I knew the Flash had and I was just waiting for Barry to discover!

The-Flash-Preview-Tricksters-VIDEOBarry is able to provide an antidote synthesized by STAR Labs to all the patrons of the ball at super speed before the Tricksters can even do anything. Barry captures them both and then is able to save his father after which, he pulls down his mask to show his dad that he was indeed right about his identity as The Flash. His response is not only pride but, a comment about Barry always looking good in red. He gets a quick look at STAR Labs and thanks Dr. Wells for everything he has done for Barry, and you can see the disgust in Barry’s face. Henry goes back to prison with Joe after a nice hug with his son.

Later, the Flash reveals his identity to Eddie, so he can help keep Iris from looking into Dr. Wells for her own protection. I actually expected him to try and take Barry in or something but its pretty obvious that between the reveal scene and the next time we see Eddie, there was some explaining done.

In flashbacks, we get our first look at the fight between Barry and the Reverse-Flash as it spills into Barry’s childhood home. It was really neat because Barry clearly just chased the Reverse Flash back through time as they appear out of the middle of the road. The attempt, I think, was to kill Barry as a child in order to get him off his back. The Reverse Flash escapes down the road after failing this attempt and suddenly finds that he has lost his speed. Gideon, his intelligent computer tells him that his most recent travel back in time has drained him of his powers along with the fight he just had.  He takes down his mask to reveal the real Eobard Thawne which was a surprise because he did not look like Dr. Wells. Eobard stalks Dr. Wells who is living a happy life with his fiance/maybe wife. He causes them to have a car accident so he may reveal to Dr. Wells that the particle accelerator is built in 2020 but he needs it built sooner so he can go back home. Dr. Wells’ wife is seemingly dead in the overturned car. He then attaches a device to Dr. Wells and then another to himself that seemingly kills Dr. Wells and gives Eobard Dr Wells’ face, assuming his identity. He does so in order to ensure that the particle accelerator is built faster.

I no longer dislike how the show changed the events of “Out of Time” as things get crazy again and Barry discovers new abilities. Also Cisco is alive in this timeline so this is much preferred!

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