The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances from The Oatmeal

Fangirls, I need to start with a disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever been a runner.  I have a big chest, and that doesn’t go well with running.  It’s also why I don’t do jumping jacks, or sprint on my bike.  Also, I despise running.  Matthew Inman (AKA The Oatmeal) has a different thought when it comes to running though; the pain and suffering are worth it for the euphoria that follows.


This book was a present from my grandparents to my mother for her birthday.  She suggested I read it to not only understand her better, but to maybe motivate myself to run.  That will never happen, but I appreciated the thought, and figured I would give the book a try.  My mother has pretty good taste in books, and this one is in comic form, so I tried it.


And you know what, Fangirls?  Unlike running, I loved this book.  It’s a no holds barred book about why running is awful and awesome at the same time.  It also discusses some of the author’s experiences and methods, and some tips to get through stuff.  I thought it was really interesting to read that he doesn’t really like running; he likes the weight that feels lifted, and the feeling afterwards.


I get that.  I’ve been trying to get myself more motivated to take care of myself, and though it’s hard, it’s super worth it.  Endorphins are released, I feel happier, and happy people don’t kill their husbands (right, Elle Woods?).  Anyways.  It feels good to exercise, and you can exercise the stress away (sometimes).  So I can definitely sympathize.


Basically, even though I am not a long distance runner (or short distance runner, for that matter), I really enjoyed reading this book.  It’s just under 150 pages, so it’s a relatively quick read, and you’ll enjoy the whole time.  Definitely go pick this up, especially if you know a runner; just make sure you read it for yourself first!









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