Ms. Marvel #11

4360190-msmarv2014011_dc11-0Oh boy, Fangirls. This is it. A good chunk of the issues in this series have been leading up to #11, the conclusion of Ms. Marvel’s investigation & fight with The Inventor. It’s been a long time coming. A lot of robots, a lot of questionable teenagers, with no victory gyro insight. Issue #11 finally delivers the action in this intense saga we’ve got ourselves all in love with.

In issue #10, we discovered the Inventors secret spot, and what was inside. Along with a teen army built of the Inventor’s former buddies, Ms. Marvel finds her way into his lair, to discover a giant wall of unconscious teens, floating in blue liquid. This is where all of the missing children have gone, and this is their fate. However, not for long. Ms. Marvel is on the case, duh.

After a pretty hilarious verbal head to head with the Inventor, we learn that the Inventor has been keeping track of Ms. Marvel for quite sometime. Amid all this, Ms. is trying to figure out how the heck she is going to take this guy down. What kicks things into high gear, though, is what other surprises the Inventor has. he reveals that one of the many teens within the cases is Nakia, Ms. Marvel/Kamala’s best friend. Instantly, as any true best friend would do, Ms. Marvel makes shit extra real, and starts working to take this fucker all the way down. 4360193-msmarv2014011_int2-0

Ms. Marvel sets her sights on the giant robot, that is  now threatening to attack her army of teens. But instead of her go to embiggening move, Ms. start thinking smaller. She shrinks herself down, and climbs within the machine, fumbling around with some wires, and gaining control of the machine. However, once there, she’s not sure what her next move is. Especially when the Inventor reveals that he knows what her weakness is; Electromagnetic pulses. msmarv3The last time Ms. M was exposed to those, she ended up on a space craft, hooked up to all sorts of stuff, in a special healing goop. She also lost her ability to use any of her powers, and if that were to happen within this robot, she would return back to her normal size, crushing her within the machine. In a moment, Ms. Marvel has to get real introspective to come up with a plan. She realizes that Medusa was right, and that she can’t always do this on her own, she’s just one person. Even if she is a super-person. She calls upon those who she knows can help’; Bruno, and everyone’s favorite superdog, Lockjaw. Bruno traces the GPS in her phone to find her location, and wills Lockjaw to come. In no time, Lockjaw arrives with a bark, breaking open the robot that she is slowly getting crushed in. As the Inventor attempts to make a “you’ll never stop me” speech, the police arrive. But before they can arrest him, he steps wrong on the robot, causing in it crash down into some cave like spot in the lair. Then, oops, he’s dead. I don’t feel bad. Though, Ms. Marvel does a bit. That kid has got quite the heart.

ms-marvel-loves-gyrosSo kablam, the Inventor is taken down, Nakia and all of the other teenagers are saved, Ms. Marvel gets her celebration gyro. Holy hell, has it been one heck of a ride to this victory. But in true form of this comic, it’s also been hilarious and deep, with plenty of witty jokes and real, honest, introspective moments. If this comic were a person, I would kiss it right on the mouth. I’m vibrating with anticipation for the next story arc that is to come with this series, which the little preview says will feature Loki. I’m not sure my Fangirl heart can handle it, but we can make do.



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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