Playlist: Gal Power II

GalPowerDue to the fact that I crave the healing sound of women rocking the heck out, I couldn’t resist making another Gal Power playlist. Since then, I’ve of course discovered plenty of bands held together by pure rock & the unbreakable female bond, as well as other women who slay the scene solo. When I know of this many women who are simply incredible at what they do, I have to mash it all together for an ultimate jam.

With spring finally on it’s way, what better way is there to celebrate than with some serious grooves made at the hands of outstanding women? Nothing is coming to mind. Though it was hard to resist adding in some Beyonce, I made sure this playlist was all artists not on the first edition of the playlist. The first Gal Power featured new female artists as well as essential ladies to jam to. This new playlist brings about more current artists that I find particularly fetching, and who I know are going to / already are making a big ol’ splash in the world of music. These are women I’m proud to listen to, and shout along to on my morning commutes.

The playlist includes tastes of new, delicious noise pop from bands like Honeyblood & Beverly. There’s also two tracks from two different riot grrrl revival bands, Carrie Brownstein’s WILD FLAG and Kathleen Hannah’s The Julie Ruin. With two bands coming from the inventors of girl-rock, you have to know that this playlist is packed with patriarchy smashing goodness. It’s not all pounding feminist rock, though, Fangirls. I also included that down right tasty track from FKA twigs, “Two Weeks”.

Listen to the Gal Power II Playlist right here!

Once you’re done rocking the heck out, be sure to let me know what other fantastic lady lead groups I must be missing out on through our Twitter or Facebook!



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