My Beauty Baseline

So Fangirls, the other day I was thinking about all of the awesome products that I get to try out and tell you about, and I realized that we skipped something very important; my beauty baseline.  It’s important to let you know what my normal is, because it’s entirely possible for my body to react to products differently than yours.  So now you’re going to learn a bit about me.


We’ll start with some broad strokes; I’m 22 years old and a bit over weight.  I’m about 5’10”, but I slouch, so I look shorter.  I have tattoos (and will definitely mention in any future pieces if anything reacts weird with them).  I wear glasses, have medium length curly hair, and always have my nails painted.

My skin is kind of picky.  I have very dry, acne prone skin (especially my face).  I also have something called eczema, which is a skin condition that can be different for a lot of people.  Mine tends to flare up when it’s very hot or very cold; Spring and Fall it’s usually okay.  It also flares up when I’m under extreme stress.  Because of the eczema, sometimes my skin is more reactive to products.  Just like with the tattoos; if something messes with me, I’ll specify what it does and why I think it’s doing it.


My beauty baseline is pretty simple.  I like to use African Black soap, especially in the Summer and Winter because it’s very hydrating.  It’s also good to have a go-to soap, instead of getting tons of different ones; your skin knows what it likes and what works.  Pay attention to that.  I also use a lot of lotion.  I don’t have a specific lotion that I use; I try to go for less scented stuff because it won’t mess with any perfume or soap I’m using.  For my hands I love Bath & Body Works’ Peppermint Lotions; peppermint is a soothing scent (so it calms me), and I really love candy canes.  It’s my favorite lotion, but it’s only available during the winter months, so I try to stock up then.

Since I have a very dry, acne prone face, I use noxema daily.  It isn’t great for hydrating, but it feels clean and good, and I need that.  I take showers that are far too hot, and that is a big part of my dry skin.  I use Olay’s All Day Moisturizer (with sunscreen) on my face after the shower, when it’s visibly dry, but I try not to use it a ton because it makes me break out.  I’m not super picky about shampoo or conditioner; I just need something that has no volume enhancers, because I really don’t need my hair to turn me into Hagrid.

So that’s my beauty baseline.  I am always open to suggestions on how to help my skin and hair be better, along with ways to enhance my routine.  I hope this bit helps you understand my beauty reviews and recommendations a bit better.









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About Emily Althea

Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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