Batwoman #36

4217670-0+bw_cv36_dsI’ve started to not feel much motivation to read this book, Fangirls, as much as that pains me to say. After that seriously awful issue #35, I nearly groaned as I went to read this issue. It wasn’t as bad, but they’re at it again with the jumping into things we have no explanation for.

It does seem to somewhat return to where we were before that weird space issue.However, it takes me a minute to realize that. From the first few panels, I’m thinking we’re back in Future’s End or a completely new story line. Then, things become only slightly more clear later on. First, though, there is a new conflict on the rise. Among the opening panels of Batwoman crazed, looking to kill two teenagers, we see shots of a cult and some sort of sacrifice situation. Later, almost all of the people die, and a few are badly burned, nearly to ashes. Batwoman, back to her normal self, approaches the crime scene to help out & figure out what is going on. 4217676-6+bw_36_6She approaches Maggie, who immediately get testy, then tells her to leave. You can feel the break up tension coming right up off the page. We don’t blame you, Mags. I don’t understand what Kate did either.

So, where things begin to make a little more sense is at the entrance of Natalia / Nocturna. Where we left off when things were a cohesive story a few issues ago, Kate was being seduced by Nocturna, and I know good things weren’t coming from it. It’s clear to me that Nocturna has bit Kate and that’s why she’s going nuts at night trying to kill kids. However, the comic hasn’t gotten that far yet. They’re focusing on their fucked up relationship which makes me angry & uncomfortable to watch. I just want Natalia to go away. She’s so scheming & gross, commanding Kate to do this & that. Kate is clearly uncomfortable with all of it, but she continues to get close and insist they’re a couple. They run in to Kate’s therapist on the street, whom she hasn’t seen in a while, and Kate oddly introduces Natalia as her girlfriend. It’s weird to me that Kate is such a strong person, but she easily is letting Natalia walk all over her and make her some sort of possession. Towards the end of the issue, I think Kate realizes what is going on, though, as she realizes two bite marks on her neck. The jig is up, Nocturna, get away from our girl. Batwoman-Nocturna-2Meanwhile, super weird things are happening with this whole cult business. One of the injured men is taken into the hospital, and as they are going through a summary of his injuries, he starts trying to say something to the doctor. The doctor freaks out as the guy keeps shouting at him, and then the guy seems to explode or something. All we see is a panel of the doctor shielding his face as blood spurts up from the direction of the hospital bed. That seems like exploding to me. Later, the doctor goes home and while in the shower, here’s something in his house. He gets out to see what’s going on, and finds Etrigan in his bathroom.

So, I have no idea what that’s about. But you know what? There actually is a little bit of connection there between this issue and last, with Etrigan being one of the random people who was in space with Batwoman. So, that makes it seem a little less random, but it’s still pretty fucking random & confusing as all get out. I don’t understand this comic anymore, Fangirls. Every issue is all over the place, they pick up plots and abandon them, and I’m still butthurt over Kate breaking it off with Maggie, which was nicely brought up in this issue for my wounds to open up again. Only 4 issues left for this comic to leave me with a better impression than it is now. Maybe by some stroke of luck, it will return back to the good old days just for a few issues so that when it’s all done, we can forget all about how awful this series as gotten.

Fingers crossed.


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