Pokemon Origins Review

maxresdefaultSo, recently I heard about a very short series called “Pokemon Origins” with the premise that it follows the original Pokemon Red and Blue games for the story line!

The show follows Red, the protagonist from Pokemon Red and let me tell you, Red gets shit done. In all of the time that Ash has been travelling, how many Pokemon has he captured? I am on the second episode of this show as I type and Red has already caught something like 40 Pokemon and has gotten 3 badges.

To be fair, we do skip a lot, and get recaps of what Red has done between episodes but, he seems like a way better trainer than Ash ever was; I would have liked to have seen them battle but I hear they never cross paths. I also hear that Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket respects Red so much upon his defeat that he essentially gives up his life of crime because Red made him realize why he loved Pokemon so much.

maxresdefault (1)
Look at the love here, did Ash’s Charizard ever respect him this much after evolving?

So far I am very pleased with the change in animation and the choices they have made. For example, Pokemon don’t just say their name with every noise they make, they actually make noises like an animal might to communicate. I also like how they incorporate elements from the game like at the start of each episode, you continue the game just like you would from the menu and at the end of each, Red saves the game. They also weaved music from the game in sometimes very subtlety like the music for each town or the bike riding music!

I will say that the limited run of the show didn’t really allow for the emotional attachment that I remember forming with characters in the original Pokemon series. I was never so sad as a child to watch Ash get killed in the first movie and watch Pikachu cry over his friend.

I pretty much plan on finishing this show today instead of doing homework so, we can assume it’s a good show!

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