Appdicted: Platform Panic

Hey Fangirls!  Today I’m coming to you from between appdictions; I’ve currently got three that have me glued to my phone.  The main one that I can’t stop playing is called Platform Panic.


It’s a very simple app; your character is always moving, you choose which direction he goes in, and when he jumps.  You’ve also got to dodge the bad guys, spikes, and bombs.  The concept is easy, but the execution is a bit difficult for me.

You see, Fangirls, there are no breaks in this app.  You’re constantly moving, so when you’re on a small platform that is moving, you have to keep your character going back and forth on the platform, avoiding the various villains to get to the next level.  It can be frustrating, but since it’s so simple, it’s incredibly addicting.


I can’t stop playing, and I honestly don’t really want to.  I’ve found that I play too much, so I have to limit myself.  You collect coins, so I usually limit myself to 50 coins collected before I force myself to take a break.  I tend to only make it to level ten, but my highest is fifteen, and I’m a bit proud of that.

One of my favorite things about this app, are the characters.  Since it’s an 8-bit side scroller, it uses mock versions of classic video game characters.  The first one you start with looks a bit like Kirby.  There’s also the plumber, the rodent (Sonic) and spacegirl (who looks a bit like Samus).  It’s a neat nod at classic gaming, especially from a game that is featured on iPhones.


Go try Platform Panic, Fangirls.  It’s fun and addicting, and you’ll love it.









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About Emily Althea

Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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