Movie: Super 8

super-8-movie-poster-01I’m a bit behind the times with this movie, Fangirls. It came out a few years ago, I’m not sure how I had never heard about it until just yesterday. I saw it in a $5 movie bin, and my girlfriend told me about how good it was. I figured why not, and picked it up. Later that night, I was taken on an intense & hilarious sci-fi adventure that I loved every minute of.

This had all of the charm & humor of a tale like Stand By Me, but adds in a whole lot of sci-fi glory. Super 8 follows a group of young boys as they make a zombie film with a super 8 camera. I could watch these kids all day. They’re so damn hilarious, they had me cracking up the entire time, even in the gloom & doom action-y parts. That’s what makes this movie so brilliant. You’ve got weird creatures, giant explosions, missing people, but along with that are the silliest moments and one liners anyone could ask for. All that humor bring this movie to another level for me. Honestly, without that bunch of kids & their jokes, I would have hated this movie. pages__super-8-stillIt’s not really my type of sci-fi, but something about I really enjoyed. Again, it was probably those goofy kids. While the kids are out shooting a scene for their movie late one night, they witness an unimaginable train crash. Not only that, but they see that it wasn’t entirely an accident, and a lot of weird stuff regarding what it was holding. They also find out that the person who seemed to have caused the train crash was a teacher at their high school, who seemed to know a lot about what was going on, but couldn’t seem to tell them. Days later, odd things are happening all over town. Dogs missing, car engines stolen, lights flickering, even people start missing. The kids, especially the main character Joe, get awfully curious and start investigating.

They find government secrets, classified & lost/hidden information, and discover that they have evidence themselves right on the camera they were filming with that night. Turns out what is causing all this ruckus is a creature hidden by the government who is pissed about how they’ve treated him, and who wants to go back to his home in space. He’s a real ugly looking thing, but he must have a big heart, because once him & Joe have a talk towards the end of the movie, he starts pulling together his final pieces and builds a space ship, leaving for home. super8c-thumb-320x212-35924

There certainly is a whole lot that goes on in this movie, but that would be no fun if I told you all of it. I recommend this movie strongly, so I don’t want to be a downer and give too many spoilers. Plus, I want everyone to experience those jokes first hand, because damn, are those some funny boys. This is such a charming tale of pre-adolescence, family, and giant space monsters. There is some brutal action, intense special effects, but also really adorable moments of young love & the realness of family troubles. So, go find this movie in the $5 bin like I did, or wherever you can, and watch it. Honestly, I thought it would be crap and it turned out being a lovely watch. So spend tonight watching a giant alien pluck humans from the Earth while young boys fall in love & make witty jokes at one another. It’s quite an epic evening.










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