Boobage by Monica Gallagher

image_1 (2)I picked up this book from Ms. Gallagher herself at Small Press Expo in September, with delight, Fangirls. It just seemed awesome. Then, I read it, and turns out it was awesome. A book, and a comic at that, all about boobs from the perspective of someone with boobs. Sure, people who love boobs think about boobs a whole lot. But who really has boobs weighing on their mind, are the people that have them.

Monica Gallagher gets you right into that mindset, if you’re not already there. She takes you through her feelings about being someone on the “small boob team” and the experiences that have accentuated those feelings for her. Mainly, it’s been being around other women. As someone who is on the other boob team, so to speak, it was really interesting to hear about things from the other side. But really, the feelings were exactly the same, just with a few variables changed up.image_2 (2)I found myself having a conversation with this comic. Each memory she would recall or emotion she would discuss in regards to her boobs, I would vocally react to, usually just shouting “Yes!” or something along the lines of “Oh, see, for me it was kind of the other way around”. I think that kind of reaction says a lot about the way this book is written. It’s very much a conversation / journal style sort of phrasing. It’s written as if it is directed right at you. If you’re someone with boobs, it really is. This book is a brilliant testament to the minds boob-havers and their relationship with their chests; it’s frustrating as all fuck. It seems as though you’re insecure about them no matter what. You’re constantly looking at other people’s to even further assess your own. It’s something that all people with boobs do, but what Monica Gallagher admits and brings to life in Boobage. image_3 (2)When it comes down to it, what this book really does is make things painfully real for people with boobs. Not in a bad way, though. Gallagher goes through some of the things she has done to make herself more happy with her chest. She started birth control in hopes it would give her a boost, and began modeling to bump up herself esteem, hoping she would be around other small-chested ladies to connect with. If you’re reading this book, and have boobs, it really points out to you all that you’ve probably also done to feel better about your chest. Worn a certain bra, not worn a certain bra, bought a binder, maybe even had surgery. We go to such great lengths to be happy with these things. Boobage points out the extremes a bit, but it also makes you feel okay for fretting over it, because you’re not so alone in all that boob stuff; Monica Gallagher is right there with you.

I am, too, Fangirls. Check out Monica Gallagher and more of her brilliant work, including her fabulous webcomic, right here at EatYourLipstick









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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