Closet Cosplay

Fangirls, remember how awkward I was in the Lush Unboxing?  Me too.  I’m at it again, except this time I’m talking about something I’m a bit more confident and knowledgeable about: Closet Cosplay.

Closet Cosplay is a term that Ashley (Nerdy With Lipstick) and I use to refer to making the clothes you have look like something a favorite character would wear.  I love doing Closet Cosplays because it’s a neat way to incorporate your favorite character into your daily wardrobe, using clothing you’ve already got right in your closet!

042The above image is of my Hermione Closet Cosplay.  I use a shirt that has the two Gryffindor colors (red and gold), along with a necklace.  I usually wear my Time Turner necklace (in the video), but this day I decided to wear an owl necklace because wizards and witches use owls to deliver their mail.  I also have a Gryffindor scarf my mother knit for me when I was younger (also shown in the video).  I feel like Hermione every time I wear it, and I love it!


Another of my favorite Closet Cosplays is my Kate Bishop outfit.  Kate Bishop is an absolutely fantastic character from the Marvel Universe.  She’s the female Hawkeye who kicks so much ass and has ridiculously powerful sass, and I want to be just like her.  So I get to emulate her with this Closet Cosplay!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.08.50 PM

Ashley also has some fantastic Closet Cosplays, like this extra deathly Wednesday Addams look.  She’s literally killing it with this outfit-turned-cosplay that’s an updated, even more fabulous version of the awe inspiring look Wednesday Addams rocks daily.

Closet Cosplay is so neat because it can be any character you want, isn’t overpowering or too intense, but is also made of clothing you’ve already got in your wardrobe.  Even if you end up buying pieces specifically for your Closet Cosplays, they can be used in your other outfits too.  It’s seamless, and I love it.

So Fangirls, try out some Closet Cosplays of your own!  We’ll be following the Closet Cosplay tag on instagram and twitter; tag us if you want to be retweeted/reposted (@FangirlsAreWe & @EmilyFangirls & @AshleyLotich).









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