Let’s Talk About: Sex for Health & Fitness

fitnesssexIt’s true. Sex does a lot more for your body than just the feeling good part. There are tremendous health benefits to sex; physical, mental, and emotional. That’s due in part to the fact that sex is very active, and when it comes down to the mechanics of it, sex is very much like exercise. So, naturally, it can have the same effects as a good work out.

Now, I’m not saying you should completely replace your fitness routine with sex, but it really does have the same benefits. However, I recommend that you don’t entirely treat sex like a workout, that might not be too pleasing of an attitude for your partner. But, while you’re getting down & dirty, you can certainly feel good about all that it’s doing for your body.

Allow me to take you through all the healthy goodness that you’re doing for your body while you’re going at it. Most obviously, the physical movement you’re most likely doing during sex is a great workout for your body. You’re working muscles that you actually might not be exercising normally at all. Even in the missionary position, you’re working out your core, legs, hips, your booty. There are certainly positions that can challenge your body a bit more, or that are the best for helping you get a little toned while also enjoying the pleasures of sex. Take a look at some of these very hetero-normative illustrations to give you some ideas for more active positions. fitpositionRemember, muscles aren’t just things like gluts and abs. You’re also working those unseen muscles like the vagina and the pelvic floor. For women, good sex can actually work wonders for your bladder control. When you orgasm, the muscles of your pelvic floor contract, exercising & tightening them, reducing your risk for incontinence as you age. Also, don’t forget that most important muscle, you’re heart. Because sex bumps up your heart rate, it helps it stay fit, reducing your risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and controlling your blood pressure.

Buffing muscles and burning calories are really more of what’s on the surface regarding sexual fitness, there’s a whole host of other benefits going on within your body that you’re accruing during sex. Orgasms are one hell of a natural remedy. Orgasms chemically reduce stress, help you sleep, keep you happy, and reduce pain. Specifically, a chemical called prolactin, which is also found in semen, is responsible for all those warm, fuzzy, sleepy feelings of relaxation in your brain. Sex, if it’s safe & protected, can even help defend your body from unwanted intruders. Studies show that people who have more sex, have higher levels of certain antibodies which keep the immune system fighting against germs, infection, and viruses. I mean, come on, that’s powerful shit.

I’m not saying you should throw your treadmill to the curb, or stop taking daily vitamins, but sex does a whole lot more than make you feel extra good. So next time you’re getting into it, you can feel pretty smart knowing that you’re engaging in something outrageously good for your health. I’m writing a prescription for you all to have bunches of hot, healthy sex.


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