She Hulk #11

4282295-shehulk2014011_dc11-0Though it seems as though one conflict just ended, we’re already at another climax here, Fangirls. Issue #11 is the second to last issue of this series, so it’s understandable that they get right into another situation, and bringing things to a close. Or rather, bringing back an older conflict that went unsolved.

Before that, though, we have some action to work through. This series has been much of fight scenes and action packed She Hulk poundings. However, this issue changes that a bit. The last panel of issue #10 had left us with Titania sitting at Jennifer’s desk, holding a familiar blue file. Before we get into why, though, some serious fighting goes down. For almost the entirety of the issue, She Hulk goes at it head to head with Titania. For the most part, Titania is kicking She Hulk’s ass. It’s a bit difficult to watch our Shulkie getting pounded on and smack talked, nearly defenseless. This Titania is hella strong. Not for long, though. She-Hulk-11-1Soon, an unlikely team of Hellcat, Jennifer’s secretary/paralegal Angie, and Angie’s monkey Hei-Hei, arrive on the scene to kick the butts of Titania and Volcana, who later arrived to the beat down. Among all the fighting, Titania explains that she has been hired to put She Hulk out of commission, so that she’ll stop sticking her nose into the blue file. What doesn’t make sense is that Jennifer had left the blue file alone for months after all the drama it had been causing. The file had also originally turned up on her desk, she had never gone looking for it. Titania is telling She Hulk all about how much she hates lawyers, and how much she hates her, as she’s really wooping her good. Soon, though, the fighting ends as She Hulk’s back up arrives and shows them who is boss. Mainly, it’s Hei-Hei, who upon request, takes down Titania all on his own. super-hei-hei-2After the fight, She Hulk, Hellcat, and Angie are all discussing what the heck this is all about. She Hulk is confused as to why someone wants her out of this, after she’s left the case alone for so long now. Angie reveals that the case hasn’t really been untouched, as she’s been working on it during her spare time. Quickly, Jennifer is pissed that Angie disobeyed her, and fires her on the spot. Angie, though surprised, says okay, but that she needs to know the truth about the case. Through her research, Angie cracked the case, and found that Nightwatch is the one who has been behind it all. b58zu0qOh boy, Fangirls. Issue #12 will bring a sorrowful but intense conclusion to this series. I’m sad to see it go, but excited to see how they’ll end things. It’s certainly been an exciting year with this comic, and I have no doubt that issue #12 will bring no disappointments for Jennifer Walter’s farewell.



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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