Music: “Hourglass” // Rodrigo Amarante

RODRIGO-AMARANTE-2-crédito-Elliot-Lee-Hazel-1908x2500What a beautiful discovery I have made this week, Fangirls. Lately, I’ve stayed within the same pool of music, going for the noise pop lady band types. But this week, I stumbled upon a brilliant Brazilian man, cooking up some down right tasty rock of his own unique flavor.

 Rodrigo Amarante’s “Hourglass” is something like the Strokes, dipped in the Black Keys, with a healthy dose of South American influence. Most of Amarante’s music is in Portuguese, but this song brings his beautiful songwriting more to us English speaking folk. Though, I do love a bit of Portuguese. Who doesn’t?

This song is just so much fun to listen to. It’s pounding & bouncing in every sense. A chugging and deep bass line, paired with snapping percussion and synthesizers. Amaranto’s voice is like a drug to me. It’s something so unlike anything else I’ve heard, without being too much on the unique side of things. It’s something like a more droning, hearty John McCrea (lead singer of Cake). Whatever it is, I fucking love it. And I fucking love this song. It swings & swoops, somehow having a flowing quality to it, while still being rather staccato in it’s action. Now that spring is finally starting to arrive, I’m finding it is a fabulous song to crank up while driving around in the good weather. It has such an energetic quality to it, the type of sound that makes you feel all tingly with it’s soothing beat. The lush chorus is a delight to hear each time around, with such a creative arrangement of keyboards, basses & guitars, and that soaring melody. It’s a feel-it-in-your-bones sort of groove.

This song pumps something into me that is irresistible, Fangirls. Plus, it’s such a lovely contradiction to some of Rodrigo Amaranto’s slower, somber, Portuguese tracks. After listening to the more mellow, flowing sweet songs on his records, it’s great to get a more upbeat, funky piece like this one. I could, and do, listen to it over & over again. My playlist for this week’s commute to work has consisted of just about only this song, plus more this song. So grab your keys, call upon the Fangirl Gods for some sunshine, and pump this shit through your car speakers. You’re welcome for the exhilarating, creative rock. Or rather, thank you, Rodrigo Amarante. You beautiful, beautiful man.

“Hourglass” -Rodrigo Amarante










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