Creamy Dreamy Oatmeal Cookie Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

I have been absolutely adoring these soap samples from Fortune Cookie Soaps, Fangirls!  I use them as sparingly as possible so I can enjoy them, but they’re all so dang nice, I want to use them all at once!  This week I’d like to introduce to you the Creamy Dreamy Oatmeal Cookie Soap (not for eating), that I simply fell in love with.



I really enjoyed the simplicity of this soap sample; unlike the other soaps I’ve tried from FCS, the scent is very light.  I have gotten more used to using more heavily scented soaps; I’ve almost always used stuff that has very strong, lingering scents.  This soap does not have that, but it isn’t a problem.  It’s a very light, clean scent, and it doesn’t really stick to me as much as some of the other soaps have.


It’s a very pretty soap, with a light lather, and some actual oatmeal bits on the edge.  I thought that the oatmeal bits on the sides would make for great exfoliation, but since its such a small amount, it really doesn’t.  Maybe in the actual soap, it’d be more pronounced.

creamydreamyoatmeal3This soap really is quite lovely.  It’s very light, which leaves room for any type of perfume or lotion with it, and that freedom is nice.  It also actually contains oatmeal, which is really great for your skin.  Using it while shaving is absolutely lovely; my skin felt way softer than it does with shaving cream.  This sample lasted for 5 showers, and 1 hand washing.  It’s really nice.

I definitely recommend this soap, especially if you’ve got skin that’s prone to dryness or excema.  Your skin will devour the Creamy Dreamy Oatmeal Cookie soap, and you’ll be so glad it did!

You can buy the sample pack here.
The Fortune Cookie bath gift here.
The bar soap here.

Happy cleaning, Fangirls!









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