Do It Yourself: Comic Wall


Hey Ladies!!! I wanted to share the cheap and easy secret to making your own comic wall without marking up your wall (or your comics) with tacks and tape! (I know mine is a bit uneven but I’m still working :)).

The trick is simple. First have your comics picked out. I went with a mix, some old and some new. And who wouldn’t want a bit of WicDiv on their wall! I put them in the plastic sleeves and figure out what you want where. Now, the money saving part. Depending on how many comics you want to put up you’re going to want to pick up one or two of these puppies.


It’ll cost somewhere between 3-7 dollars, depending on what size and how many you get. You can find them pretty much anywhere from Walmart to a drugstore. Use these to hang your comics. But because comics aren’t that heavy, cut the strips in half! you should need 2 halves for each comic, so it will only take one strip per comic as opposed to 2. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

tumblr_nlzlmgpYb01rjvs9no2_1280 tumblr_nlzlmgpYb01rjvs9no1_1280

I hope this helps for all of you that want a new way to decorate in the coolest, nerdiest ways! 🙂









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