Harley Quinn Issue 15

Fangirls, Harley’s life is super hectic, and I am feeling that so much.  It’s a crazy time right now, for both me and Harls.  She’s running around saving people from buildings, and I’m finalizing plans for graduation and a trip to Walt Disney World.  I know we’re on different levels, but we’re both pretty busy.


In this issue, Poison Ivy shows Harley that she may be spreading herself a bit thin; she’s got her day job, the night derby league, her pets to take care of, the apartments to keep in check, and a possible relationship starting with Mason.  All that, and crime is at an all time high, and she feels responsible for helping people.  It’s a lot.  I think it was great that the issue focused on all of the work that Harley does, and how it is possible for even the clown princess of crime to exhaust herself.

What Ivy suggests, is a life assistant.  A bruiser who can help out with the day-to-day, and any extraneous activities that Harley needs done.  The brawlin’ babes they’re looking for should have experience with weaponry and be tough as nails.  Not only has this book made me want to get into roller derby, but also a life of crime.  That’s starting to look quite appealing.


The issue is pretty simple, and just covers that, while giving us a little info about some ladies who will most likely end up being a part of Harley’s crew.  We see how they take no shit in defending themselves in little snips throughout the issue.  I’m really excited to see what 16 will bring for all of them.

One thing I really wasn’t a fan of in this issue, was the Harley/Ivy bit that happened.  I ship them, no doubt about it, but the panels seemed a bit forced, and out of nowhere.  Harley dives on Ivy to thank her for the assistant suggestion, and ends up with her hand somewhere it maybe shouldn’t be.  The way their friendship has been going in this series, it seems like really close friends, not lovers.  They flirt a bit, but nothing that really seemed to warrant this.  It really felt like fan-service, and not what I was looking for.


Overall though, it was a great issue.  It set up 16 really well, and I’m excited to see what special type of hell this Gang of Harleys will unleash!









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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