Once Upon a Time: “Heart of Gold”

SEAN MAGUIREHey guys! So now that the Walking Dead is over for the season, I figured I’d take a trip to Storybrooke, The Enchanted Forest and beyond for the remainder of this season of Once Upon a Time!

This episode is very aptly named as it focuses a lot of Mr. Gold and the darkness attacking his heart since he has left Storybrooke (this is a flashback, as OUAT often does). He enlists the help of Robin Hood since he is now in New York as well living in Neil’s old apartment. This brings a callback to a time in the Enchanted Forest where he made a deal with Robin to get an Elixer of the Wounded Heart for unknown reasons.

This Elixer is held by none other than Zelena, the Wicked Witch. When he arrives in Oz, Robin runs into Will who after being released by Robin from bonds he was trapped in, asks Robin to get him some of that Elixer as well. There was a nice callback to Dorothy’s house falling on the witch when Robin’s portal crushed the guard holding Will.

REBECCA MADERRobin manages to get one bottle but is stopped by Zelena before he can snag another. He gets his magic bow that never misses from her palace and escapes. He decides to give the Elixer to Will, who we find out has a broken heart. He loses his tavern which he was trying to save with this mission but resigns to steal from the rich and give to the poor, becoming the Robin we know so well.

In the outside world, in New York, Robin finds Zelena’s shop from when she was there and finds the potion to help Mr Gold. He gives it to him in the hospital and parts ways with him, saying their dealings are done. It doesn’t work at first and we find out what happened when Marion walks in, basically evil chuckling at him with the real potion in her hand. She touches a necklace she is wearing and reveals that it is Zelena!! She wasn’t dead after all! Come to find out when we saw her dust form go into the time portal, she really did travel back, and when Hook and Emma left Marion alone for a second, Zelena swooped in, killed her, and took her place and has been hiding out ever since.

Bittersweet news because now Robin and Regina have some hope to be together if they can once again defeat Zelena and get Robin and Rolland back into Storybrooke! This would also probably explain why none of Regina’s magic would work to help Marion’s frozen heart.

PATRICK FISCHLER, ROBERT CARLYLEIn Storybrooke, the Author runs into Mr. Gold in the woods when he is running from Emma and the Charmings and offers his magic quill back to him in exchange for some happy endings. Gold tells Regina that she will not be getting her happy ending unless she cooperates. He lets her make a call to Robin but we do not get to see the outcome of the call as this is when all the flashbacks started to Robin in the real world 9 weeks prior to the call and the time in the Enchanted Forest.

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.


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