Appdicted: Highball

pr_sourceI discovered quite the beautiful app this week, Fangirls. It’s beautifully designed, very functional, and all about booze. What more could you ask for? Highball allows you to catalog all of your favorite cocktail recipes in one easy place, and certainly in the most prettiest of ways.

My mother is a friendly wine snob, and, being from upstate New York, craft beer is always something to be bonded over. However, I so strongly appreciate a well crafted cocktail. There is something so cool I find about cocktails. All the neat ingredients, the flavors, the possibilities. It’s something that Highball brings to life.

In the Highball app, you can find or create your favorite cocktails, or ones you might be trying for the first time to keep up a list of things you’ve tried and things you love. They have an okay sized collection of more classic cocktails to start your list from, but the real beauty starts with the customization. image5Highball allows you to build your own drinks, whether they be classic or not, so you can have your own personalized recipe cards. You can add recipes exactly how you make them, with all your special touches, or as much vodka as you please. There’s no more searching for the perfect recipe because you’re building it here. For example, I build a recipe card for one of my favorite drinks, the Colorado Bulldog. First, I started writing the recipe. image2 (2)Then, comes the fun part. You can choose a color for your recipe card; there are many options. Then, you can upload a picture of the drink, or even customize the image using Highball’s unique design feature. Which I personally find more fun. You can build a little cocktail right there. Choose the glass, the type of ice, the color of the liquid, even all sorts of garnishes. You can even stick a little umbrella in there. I mean, come on. That’s cool.

IMG_3744Once you’ve written your recipe, designed your card & image, that bad boy is ready to go. That’s one fine looking Colorado Bulldog, Fangirls. As you can see below, there’s a few options from the recipe card. You can click that little box with an arrow and share it with friends. You can change the measurements to mL, or you can even multiply the recipe so that you’ll know how much of everything to have when you have a sweet Fangirl’s night in with some gal pals.

image3 (2)You can add this card into your little catalog so that you can keep it safely tucked away with all of the other tasty beverages you’ve been enjoying. You can customize all of these so that you can have a beautiful rainbow of cocktails. Yum. I haven’t got many so far, but that is sure to change.

image4My only fault with this app is it’s lack of interaction. Sure, you can share your drink cards once you’ve made them, but I think more would be even better. I think the ability to check in drinks as you try them, and to be able to interact with friends right through the app would be tons of fun. But hey, that’s just me.

Highball has a mighty fine app right here. Constructing the drinks & little cards on the app is almost as much fun as making them & drinking them in real life. If you need help getting your list of drinks started, check out Nerds Gotta Drink every other Thursday to fill up your Highball app chock full of nerdy drinks. So get to mixing, and get to downloading, Fangirls!










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