Jem from IDW

The other day I went to Earthworld Comics to pick up the stuff from my subscription box.  I was browsing around when I remembered Jem came out.  I was really excited until I found where I thought Jem should be, and she wasn’t.  So I went back to doing my thaaang, and eventually I had to grab my comics and get out.  So I went through the sub-box, to see what I had gotten (I don’t go there weekly, so I always end up with a lot), and one of the workers had pulled Jem for me.  I was crazy pumped, and could barely wait to get home to read it.


Fangirls, I knew it was going to be truly outrageous, but I didn’t realize it was going to be such a tease!  In this first issue, the Hollograms are getting ready to shoot an entry video to “The Missfits VS!” contest, but Jerricha Benton’s stage fright is keeping them from shooting the video.  She breaks down and leaves after Kimber tells her that if they don’t do it now, it’ll never happen.  This causes some in-fighting with Aja and Kimber, but they don’t know what to do.  They start to search for Jerricha.

Meanwhile, Jerricha is in the home studio, playing out her feelings.  A weird, sparkly looking hollogram appears and introduces herself as Synergy, a gift and invention from Jerricha’s father.  Synergy takes Jerricha to her father’s safe, tells her the combination, and gives her the birthday present her father didn’t survive to give to her.  It’s a pair of star earrings.


Aja, Kimber, and Shana get home, and Jerricha has an idea; what if she used Synergy’s powers to make her into someone other than Jerricha Benton?  It would get rid of her stage fright, and make it so they could shoot the video, enter the contest, and (hopefully) become one of the biggest music sensations!


And that’s where it ends; right after Jerricha turns into Jem.  It made me thirsty for more, Fangirls.  They’re keeping a similar style to the cartoon, but they’ve updated the characters so they fit in a more modern world.  I think it’s fantastic that now they’re modern.  Another thing that I loved was that the end of the book featured a rap sheet of Jem and the Hollograms, so we could get to know them better.  I noticed that on Kimber’s profile, it says that she loves girls, and I’m really hoping that means that she’s gay.  Issue two comes out soon and has the Misfits on the cover, so I’m incredibly excited for that.

Jem and the Hollograms are being brought back to life by Kelly Thompson and Ross Campbell, courtesy of IDW comics.  They printed a whole bunch of variant covers for the first issue, so I’m hoping that carries over into the second as well.  Go pick it up, Fangirls.  This story is going to be truly, truly, truly outrageous.









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