The Flash: “All Star Team Up”

fla118a0129bjpg-d12ee0BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! This entire episode can pretty much be summed up in this one clip from Tommy Boy.

What we think is a metahuman at first is actually just a super genius played by the one and only Emily Kinney who played Beth in The Walking Dead! It’s nice to see that she has recovered from her head injury.

fla118a0276bjpg-f55574This episode sees a lot of tension building not only among Barry and Dr. Wells but also between Iris and Eddie as Eddie lives with the secret of Barry being the Flash.

The episode sees the start of another crossover event with Arrow when Felicity and Ray show up to get help with perfecting the Atom suit. Cisco and him geek out over stuff the entire time together which was a pleasure to watch but it was also nice to see Ray work more as a hero as they attempted to thwart who they dubbed “Bug Eyed Bandit” together.

Throughout the episode Cisco is having bits of memory leak back into his head from the alternate timeline where he was killed, and keeps shaking it off but, at the close of the episode when Barry decides to eventually let them in on the suspicion of Dr. Wells, he admits that he has been having these visions.

emily-kinney-the-flashUltimately Larvan(her full name is Brie Larvan, I forgot to mention that) is taken down after she tries to go after Dr. McGee who is the woman who gave the STAR Labs team the tacheon prototype that the Reverse Flash stole. She is a disgruntled ex-employee of Mercury Labs. Barry sees her and she mentions how after the death of Dr. Wells’ fiance, he had almost seemed to be a completely different person. Of course we know that he in fact, was but, it looks like in the next episode they discover the bones left from the real Harrison Wells buried in the woods.

Ray’s suit is seemingly getting closer to perfect, and he even makes a allusion to the fact that he will be going “smaller” as he holds up a vial with one of the mechanical bees in it. Iris has decided that if Eddie wont tell her what hes hiding then its over. The tension is getting so real as we head toward the finale! I am excited to see what the second half of the crossover holds in Arrow tonight! EDIT: It was not a crossover, I was misinformed! Let’s collectively shame my friend.

Also as a side note, I watched some interview with Danielle Panabaker(Caitlin Snow) and Carlos Valdes(Cisco Ramone) on IGN where they were asked about their comic book roles as Killer Frost and Vibe and if they would be coming soon and it seems like it isn’t altogether impossible!

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