Lumberjanes Issue 5

Fangirls. I love this series. I get so pumped that it’s been around for a whole dang year now, and it just keeps getting better. It’s incredible how much I love this book, and rereading them to review here is a highlight of every day I spend with these books.


In light of recent events (in Lumberjanes) Rosie, the camp director, takes a day to go out and try to figure out what the heck is happening in the woods to make boys go crazy and yetis exist. She leaves Jen in charge, and Jen decides to keep the campers from going to the Raccoon Rodeo, and instead they make friendship bracelets. It’s been ages since I was in any sort of camp, so I haven’t had the chance to make friendship bracelets in so long. Luckily, there’s a half page on how to do it, so we can make bracelets together!


After a little while with no mischief, Molly realizes that she has to use the bathroom. Jen doesn’t trust her to go with another member of the Roanoke cabin, so she sends her off with Diane, Jo’s sister. When they get to the outhouse, it says “out of order,” but Molly tries the door anyway. What spills out is far worse than stench, it’s dinosaurs.


They’re cute as heck, but also terrifying and super destructive. Mal and April take down one with kitchenware, Ripley tames one and makes it her pet, and Mal and April take another down (with a fantastic performance by April). A final dinosaur is closing in on Jo, when a bear attacks it, saving her life. The bear is actually the bear woman that the Lumberjanes saw awhile back, and she’s dragging Jo around, yelling that she isn’t really Jo.

Luckily, Jo has great friends who won’t let her get hurt, and a camp director who just won’t quit. After Ripley bursts in on her Dino-Ride, Rosie comes in and kicks out all of the Lumberjanes so she can have a talk with the bear woman. She says everything is under control at the camp, but according to the last panel of Diane, it really isn’t.


Please tell me you’ve been reading Lumberjanes. It’s crazy awesome and I love all of them. They’re super easy to relate to ladies, and I just want to hang out with them all. The mix tapes at the end, and rad patches you can buy really fill it out, so Lumberjanes can be a part of your daily life. So go forth, my fangirls! Read and discover Lumberjanes!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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