Feminerd: Women On 20s

3043405-poster-p-1-the-campaign-to-replace-jackson-with-a-woman-on-the-20-billThe appearance of our currency may not be something that weighs heavily on your mind much. Or consciously, at least. A revolutionary new campaign is bringing to light all that our money does to our society, other than pay for stuff & cause problems. With the exception of one specific type of coin, there are no women present on any United States currency. When those designs are supposed to represent the history, culture, and values of America, doesn’t something seem a bit wrong?

Alright, a whole lot more than a little wrong. Women, just as much as men have shaped this nation, created change, and embraced what are meant to be American values. So, why are those women not being honored in the same way? As we know, women being unequal and under represented is not new. What is also not new is the tiny little messages that are in our every day lives that infer that men are superior. Everyday, we all pass around this valuable paper, stamped with the faces of those whom we respect, who America feels best represents what this nation was founded upon, and worked to achieve. But, wait a minute, I don’t necessarily feel that way. Neither does Women on 20s, and there looking to do something about it. womansplaceonthemoneyWe send the message that the important people who embody America and it’s character are all men. However, we all know that there are women who have also changed the game and created a better America. So, let’s start acting like it. Women on 20s is a campaign to change the 20 dollar bill, replacing Andrew Jackson’s face with that of one of many outstanding and revolutionary American women. The organization put up a website, with dozens of choices for “the One” to be put on the bill. It’s been narrowed down to four incredible women; Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Wilma Mankiller, and Harriet Tubman. It’s nearly impossible to choose one, but you’re asked to vote for just one of their faces to be stuck on the $20, floating around from hand to hand, reminding us of all they accomplished, and that women built this country too.

Now, it seems a little far fetched, right? You can just say let’s change this and make it happen. Except, they are making it happen. Or, at least, are really off & running with it. The Senate is currently considering the campaign, deciding whether or not it can move on to the Treasury, who ultimately has the power to change the currency. This is for real, Fangirls. These people at Women on 20s got together, asking people to vote & weigh in to make the idea overwhelming to our government, so that they have to answer, and that is happening. Thanks to a 9 year old girl and her lovely letter regarding the matter, the President has taken notice, too, and is on board. If this thing can push through our government, this could really be happening. sofialetterOne more thing. Why the $20? I was curious about this as well. Women on 20s are looking to have the new currency implemented in the year 2020, marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Hence, the $20. Also because honestly, they, like many people, don’t think Andrew Jackson deserves to be on the bill. That is a whole other article, though.

Women on 20s has built one hell of a campaign, Fangirls. They’re pushing an idea that very much effects our daily lives, even if just a little bit. This organization is looking to change something so common in our lives, in hopes of it creating a more equal country, and they’re right on the money. Sorry, I had to.

Don’t forget to vote on who you think should be on the $20, right on their website at WomenOn20s.org!









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