Music: Bleached

bleachedFangirls, I am into this. Discovering Bleached is perfect timing with spring finally arriving. While welcoming back things like skateboarding, bike rides, and rowdy drives, I now have the perfect band to accompany those activities. I’m not sorry for sharing another kick ass lady punk powerhouse band, Bleached is a perfect example of the booming bouncy noise pop scene.

I’m in love with this band’s simple sound. Fuzzy chugging guitar, straight forward percussion, and that delicate shout-speak sort of vocal. They’ve got nothing fancy up their sleeve, which may sound like an insult, but I promise I mean that in all the best ways. A lot of the lady lead punk band’s that I love to love tend to put their own spin on the punk & noise pop they’re putting out there. However, what’s special about Bleached is their simplicity & the rawness to their more classic sounding pop punk. It’s like if the Ramones had a little pep in their step, and were two lovely ladies singin’ about love & life.doc082mockup30.11183Bleached has got a number of singles, and one full length album, Ride Your Heart. The album opens with a fantastic darkly poppy, “Looking For a Fight”. It’s one of those songs that was made for cruising around on a warm night. One of the best choruses on the whole album belongs to “Outta My Mind”, with a beautiful, polished, and lush arrangement of keys, guitars, and a killer melody. Ride Your Heart isn’t their most recently released music, though, Bleached put out a rather surfy three song single in July of 2014. It features the song “Poison Ivy”, which I love to imagine is about the bombshell Gotham Siren of the same name. A Fangirl can dream.LADYGUNN-BLEACHED-9I am deep, deep in a love for these gals, friends. I’m motivated to get up and go out cruising on my bike or skateboard just so I can listen to them while I do it. Bleached is the sound of my summer time, Fangirls. It’s already incredibly better now that they’re are involved. If you’re like me and can’t stop obsessing over brilliant women making killer punk rock, Bleached is the light, and I urge you to shimmy on down towards it.







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