Cucumber Peel-Off Masque by Montagne Jeunesse

I know a lot of the products we talk about in this segment are special order items, but today is going to be a little different.  I’ve been using this brand of peel-off masques for ages, because it’s what is stocked in my local grocery store.


The Cucumber Peel-Off Masque by Mantagne Jeunesse is usually 2 for $3 at Hannaford, and I’ve found that it works well for me.  I use it maybe once a month or so; I don’t want to overuse it, so I try to keep a couple types of masques at my house for when I need something extra to help out.  I do use Noxema daily, but I use masques rather sparingly, as a way to treat myself.


Before applying the masque, I always pull my hair back, and run a bath.  It makes me feel like I’m giving myself a bit of a spa treatment, which everyone deserves.  With my hair back, and my bath filling up, I open the package, dip my finger in, and spread the greenish goop on my face.  I usually put it across my forehead, my nose, cheeks, and chin.  I try to make sure that any areas I’m having problems with get some masque on them.  After about 30 minutes (it takes longer in a hot bath, because of the rising steam), the masque is ready to peel-off!


I think that’s my favorite part of masques, is peeling them off myself.  It feels like I’m actively making my skin better.  After that, I try to wash my face with cold water, and make sure I do so again after my bath, to make sure that my pores stay clean.


Using peel-off masques always feel so good.  I love the way my face feels afterwards; clean and soft.  I can usually get two uses out of each package, so they’re not only cheap and effective, but they last.  I love using them, and that’s why I’ve been faithfully using them for several years.


Fangirls, if you like feeling refreshed and relaxed, and also peeling things off your face, check out these masques.  They smell lovely, and make you feel great!  Check them out here!








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