Catwoman Issue 39

Fangirls, when I read this new crime-family-boss Catwoman, my mind goes back and forth between yaas Catwoman get it, and wait, what?  It’s a confusing life, and since reading about crime families is such foreign territory to me (the closest I’ve read similar to this is the Long Halloween trio of books; those kind of deal with Gotham’s crime families), and that isn’t much.  I definitely feel like I’m learning a lot about things I didn’t think Catwoman would teach me about, but I like learning from her (not that I see myself using any slight understanding of Gotham’s crime families to my advantage, ever).


So Selina Kyle is killing it, but in this issue, she’s almost what’s being killed.  The issue focuses a lot on negotiation and politics, and how the crime families were being united but are now being pitted against the Calabrese’s, because Black Mask said to.

After an attempt on Selina Kyle-Calabrese’s life, she meets up with her “brother,” Mason, who is affiliated with Black Mask.  She suspects him, but is leading him into exposing himself instead of doing it for him.  She’s a clever lady.

The new Catwoman shows up a couple times; tailing the attempted killer of Kyle, trying to figure out who placed the hit on her, and at the end, she’s seen being kissed by Selina Kyle.  She asks, “was that for me, or the suit?” to which Kyle responds that she doesn’t know.  As much as I love the idea of Selina Kyle being gay (wow yes please, I had to set down my comic and just take a breather, seeing that panel), I will forever ship her with Batman/Bruce Wayne.  I like that even though there was a Catwoman fight over the suit at first, Kyle is supporting the idea of there being a new cat running across Gotham’s rooftops.  Those ladies have to stick together.


Altogether the issue was pretty good.  Definitely not my favorite; like I said, I enjoy this new Selina Kyle, but it isn’t really my main interest?  I’m not quite sure how to describe it.  I’ll keep coming back for the possibility of gay Catwomen and Selina Kyle’s new wardrobe (and the art, holy shit), but the story is still unfamiliar territory for me.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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