The What’s Underneath Project

maxresdefaultLet me tell all you Fangirls about a webseries that I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with. The child of the YouTube channel StyleLikeU, the What’s Underneath Project is both all about style and not at all about style. It is the most beautiful contradiction.

Started nearly a year ago, What’s Underneath asks people to use their style to tell their story, but in the end to showcase that what they wear is not who they are. That without their clothes, their story remains the same. To demonstrate this point, the women at StyleLikeU ask individuals to talk about their life. Each time they share something, they remove a piece of clothing. When they’ve reached the end of their journey, they’re stripped down to their undies. The stories are so raw & captivating, that you really pay no mind to their clothes or the fact that they’re removing them. Thus, proving the whole point of what is underneath.

This webseries often gets emotional. There’s something about this room that they’re always in, the stool they’re always sitting on, that makes them begin to reveal a whole lot about themselves. It’s clear that it becomes therapeutic for a lot of those on the stool. It’s also very comforting for the audience as well. These people open up and share deep stories of their life, and in that, there is a whole lot of stuff to relate to. In these little  videos, you feel a real connection with some of these folks. A lot of the talks all come down to insecurity, and we all know how relatable that feeling is. They talk of identity, confusion, growing up, all of that good, hearty, deep stuff. One of my favorites is with iO Tillet Wright, a photographer, and creator of the project Self Evident Truths. She discusses gender, what it means to her, and how at 29, she’s still navigating her identity.

The story of how this channel and web show were created it also down right beautiful. It’s a lovely tale of a mother and daughter being disappointed in each their own respects, and coming together to shine a light on what style really is. Take a look at the video for their Kickstarter, which was funded 135% of their goal.

What’s Underneath is brilliant, brilliant stuff, Fangirls. I think this webseries is something that every one should be watching. There are so many little valuable nuggets in each episode. These videos can give you the confidence to fucking own it and be comfortable with who you are. Or, to even just be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. The bottom line is, I’m just so happy that this series exists. I hope it keeps existing, and keeps feeding people very important points about identity, and how style is so much more than the clothes you wear. All hail What’s Underneath, currently one of the best things on the internet.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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