The Flash: “Who is Harrison Wells?”

Harrison_WellsSo, this episode was the second half of the crossover I was expecting to happen in Arrow based on the description I read but really, it was just another small crossover involving Captain Lance and Laurel helping Joe and Cisco out with their investigation of Harrison Wells(his care accident that had killed Tess happened in Starling City) and asking for an upgrade to Sarah’s sonic tech, respectively. He used some of Rathaway’s tech to help him make some really cool improvements that essentially turn Laurel into the Black Canary we know who has a sonic scream….at least I think, it looked like a collar. He called it the “Canary Cry.”

With Captain Lance’s help, Joe and Cisco discover the body of the real Harrison Wells and essentially start to put nails in the impostor’s coffin. Joe kind of unintentionally seems to set Captain Lance in motion toward forgiving his daughter for lying about her sister, Sarah Lance’s death. Throughout the episode, Caitlin struggles to come to terms with the fact that she might have been working for a lie all of FLA119b_0342bthis time but, eventually accepts it once she is shown the evidence.

During the episode, a metahuman shapshifter, Hannibal Bates, is robbing banks by impersonating bank tellers throughout the city since the particle accelerator explosion. Barry and Eddie eventually track him down with the reluctantly accepted help of Dr. Wells. Bates ends up framing Eddie for shooting 2 police officers. Bates eventually gets the drop on Barry and steals his identity and eventually learns that Barry is The Flash.

Caitlin conducts a serum to suppress Bates’ power, allowing Barry to defeat him and places him under S.T.A.R. Labs. The team discovers that Bates has used his power for so long continuously that he cannot remember what he looked like originally, leaving him disfigured when he isn’t using his power.

reverse-flash-episode-141Barry, Caitlin and Cisco discover the imposter Dr. Wells’ secret room through Cisco’s 3-D modeling of S.T.A.R. Labs. They find both the Reverse-Flash’s costume and a newspaper article from the future concerning the Flash’s fate during a Crisis dated 2025. So, now they know that Dr. Wells has access to the future in some capacity and have 100% proof that he is the Reverse Flash!

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