Let’s Talk About: Sex Fun Facts

factsEvery Friday, I try to put out the most useful information about sex and sexuality that I can to the online world, Fangirls. So I figured, why not talk about some useless stuff. Well, it’s not totally useless, random factoids do have their place. Like in this article. I’ve compiled some interesting & hilarious facts about sex and anatomy so that, in the true spirit of sex, we can all have a laugh and learn something new.

I always learn these odd tidbits of information about sex, sexuality, and anatomy, but can never find a way to work them into any sort of more productive or educational article. I thought the only way to clear out my growing stock pile of sex facts was to give them their own article. Who knows, maybe this could help you win at trivia night sometime.

1. Though I am rather strongly against circumcision, removed foreskins can serve a greater purpose. Doctors are able to use the foreskin to create skin grafts for victims of burns or other skin complications. In fact, just one foreskin can create nearly 15 miles of skin, which does not even seem like a real fact.

2. Attention Disnerds: The first time the word “vagina” was said in a film was in “The Story of Menstruation”, a Disney animated film released in 1946. As a bonus fact, the word “vagina” comes from the Latin root word for “sheath for a sword”. Hah4562298-17138196-thumbnail3. 31 pounds is the world record for weight lifted by a vagina. Sometimes people forget that the vagina is a muscle, which means it can, and should, be exercised. Vaginal weightlifting is absolutely a thing, can easily be done at home, and can even lead to better orgasms. shocking-celebrity-confessions-harry-styles

4. On a growing fetus, nipples form before any biological features of gender do, which is why everyone has them. Some people even have more than two. Harry Styles apparently was born with four nipples.


Final Round Rapid Fire Butt Facts: 

Some turtles can breathe through their butts.
– There is one study that shows women with big butts give birth to smarter children.
– Hairs around the anus absorb some of the sound of farts.
– A very rare species of Australian horsefly was named Scaptia beyonceae, after Beyonce, because it has a gold butt. Scaptia_Beyonceae

So, perhaps these won’t help you make smarter, safer, or better sexual decisions. However, I think everyone needs to have an arsenal of facts to keep conversations going sometimes. Of course, it’s even better when those facts are about nipples and Beyonce booty inspired insects. You’re welcome, Fangirls.

If you’ve got more fabulous facts about sex, sexuality, or anatomy, send them my way on our Twitter or Facebook!








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