Squirrel Girl Issue 3

Fangirls, are you reading Squirrel Girl? Because you should be. Issues 1 and 2 were pretty basic; we were introduced to Doreen Green, a college student who is also Squirrel Girl (who has powers of both Squirrel and Girl!). She fought Kraven the Hunter and stole borrowed some of Tony Stark’s armor, and then got whiplashed out of the sky by Whiplash. She was in her way to stop Galactus, but things keep getting in her way.



She fights Whiplash (by the way, I totally thought Whiplash was a lady. I was wrong) and kicks his butt so hard. She has a lot of help from her squirrel friends, who end up shoving themselves into Whiplash’s mouth and making a squirrel net to keep him restrained. Right as SG is about to head out to the moon, she gets stopped by a squirrel who tells her there’s a bank robbery happening on campus.


Guess who is at the bank, berating Larry the robber for wearing a domino mask to rob a bank? Nancy Whitehead, Doreen’s college roommate who proves to kick more butt in each issue. Squirrel Girl keeps herself hidden in a full suit of squirrels as she kicks some booty, and then let’s the squirrels continue in their own. Before she leaves though, Nancy recognizes Tippy Toe and oh crap that’s going to come up in issue 4 or 5 I bet.

So Squirrel Girl goes off (in stolen Hulkbuster armor) to the moon to stop Galactus. She gets there right as he’s almost to earth, and tells Tippy Toe that he is in for a rude awakening. That’s where the issue ends.


Fangirls, you need to be reading Squirrel Girl. She’s a beauty with a booty and has snark for miles. I just want to pinch her adorable cheeks and be her best friend forever. She’s amazing. And she’s definitely going places. I can’t wait to see where she ends up next. So go grab yourself the first couple of issues of Squirrel Girl and get ready for the Galactus showdown that’s about to happen.








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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