Music: “FourFiveSeconds” // Rihanna, Paul McCartney, & Kanye West

d089b5cb08798b4281306ddeb6ca0379.1000x1000x1I’m only slightly behind the times with this song, Fangirls. Regardless, I’ve listened to it about a thousand times this week. I’m not sure what it is, but something about it is so, so addicting. For me, at least. I have got a lot more to say about this song other than just how much I like it, though.

This song returns to a more simple style of pop music, at least a little bit. Maybe that’s partly because it was co-written by Paul McCartney. Some people hate this team up, but I think it’s fantastic that such different artists are joining forces on this song. The song was written by McCartney & Kanye West, with help from Dirty Projector’s frontman, Dave Longstreth. In my opinion, that’s what makes it so brilliant. It combines all the best elements of multiple artists, whose music barely touches each other. What they have in common is that they all know how to build a perfect pop song. Which is exactly what they’ve done with “FourFiveSeconds”.

Nowadays, relatable pop music is different from what it used to be. It seems as though what this group has done with this track is brought the subject matter back to original place; talking mostly about everyday people stuff. This song, most simply, talks about getting through the work week and getting angry. Those are things almost everyone can relate to, added on top of rather simple & catchy melodies and riffs, and you’ve got yourself an on point radio hit. That is why I adore about it this song. It’s not trying to be anything else but an anthem for an everyday person, which, at the core of it, is what most pop music is. rihanna-kanye-west-and-paul-mccartney-fourfiveseconds-music-video-00That simple & catchy melody is something though, isn’t it? Those vocal hooks are killer, and that guitar riff that jumps in every once in a while slays the scene. Rihanna’s voice is at it’s purest in this song, which is where it’s at it’s best, in my opinion. I flip flop with Kanye West, but I do enjoy him in this song. I also respect a lot that he co-wrote and co-produced the song, rather than just sticking his name on it like many pop artists do. I’ll admit, I’m impressed, Kanye.

There are many people that hate this song, and I could see why. But the core of me appreciates a well arranged, well written pop song, and there’s no denying that is what this track is. I think it’s fantastic when musicians collaborate, and I think more mainstream musicians besides hip hop & EDM artists need to do so more often. Gold stars for all those involved on this song, you’ve all got the right idea about what pop music should be doing.


The video is also perfectly straight forward and a brilliant interpretation of the song. It feels raw and gritty, but in a happy & pleasing way, much like the song itself.

Also worth noting is the killer performance of the track they did at the Grammy’s.

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