Lush’s Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar

I’ve mentioned my recent addiction to Lush Cosmetics a couple times, and it’s because it’s almost all that I think about. This year I’m working hard, but also making sure I give myself big comfy rewards through pampering. When I give myself a present, it tends to be things like accessories and makeup, but with my recent discovery of Lush, my presents are becoming less about what I have, and more about how I feel.


That being said, I’m not huge on baths. I get warm and bored and don’t really know what to do with myself. Thanks to the Green Bubbleroon, I conquered boredom!

Now, it didn’t suggest that I play video games or read while in the tub, but it was pretty enough for me to be distracted and to have fun in the tub (a phrase I would have only considered for children a month ago). And you know why it’s fun? Bubbles.

On the left are bubbles from body wash, the right is from the Green Bubbleroon.
On the left are bubbles from body wash, the right is from the Green Bubbleroon.

Bubbles are really great additions to any bath because when they’re big, or are just many in numbers, you can sculpt with them, wear them, or just pop them! I was excited for this Bubbleroon because they’re advertised as being great for not just one, but two bubbly baths. So of course I was into it.

You can just pull it apart and boom!  Two baths.
You can just pull it apart and boom! Two baths.

When I used the Green Bubbleroon, I was a bit disappointed with the amount of bubbles. There weren’t a ton, but they were good. I had read on Lush’s site that the size and amount of bubbles produced depends on your water pressure. I’ve got weak water pressure, so I’ve got weak bubbles. But that’s okay, because another big draw with Lush Bath Bombs is the color they can be. Both baths I took with the Green Bubbleroon were a beautiful tealy green, and smelled absolutely fabulous.


But it didn’t stop there, Fangirls! When I got out of the first bath I could not stop touching my skin. It was so soft and smooth and I just rubbed all over because it felt great! During the second bath, I shaved my legs to see if the bath would make a difference. I then became addicted to touching my legs.


So Fangirls, if you need to beat the winter blues, head over to Lush and snag yourself a Green Bubbleroon. I’m in love with them, because they’re relatively inexpensive, but give you enough for two amazing baths, and they make you silly soft! What’s not to love?







All images and bath bombs are copyright of their respective owners.


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