Appdicted: City 2048

image6 (3)A friend of mine gave me a big long list of delicious apps for me to devour, and City 2048 was the first one I tried out. Needless to say, I haven’t made it any further down the list yet. This game is so simple, and actually has so little for you to do, yet it’s ever so enticing.

I think it might be the zone out factor of this game. It’s nice & relaxing because you can just swipe around without thinking too much, and just enjoy a little game play. This game gives that rewarding feeling when you’re doing well, and that’s what really keeps me playing. I keep looking for that high of getting on a roll, that’s what makes this game truly addicting.

It’s easy enough to play; You just combine stuff. You’re given a little plot of land, and combine little squares on the grid to build stuff into a city. You start with trees, then a little house, then a few houses, soon enough, you’re building big corporate looking complexes. Getting those big buildings is really what delivers that rush. You can only combine two of the same types of land/buildings to make it into something bigger. So for example, I had these two plots with little houses on them that are right next to each other. image3 (3)When I swipe right, I can combine them to make one plot with a few bigger houses on it. image4 (3)Tada! Now, for my next move I could swipe up to combine those two alike plots to make an even bigger one. It just goes on and on and on. Pretty soon, you get to building some pretty big stuff.

image6 (3)You get building and building until you’re grid fills up, then it’s game over. It takes quite some time to fill up the grid though, there seems to always be a move you can make if you’re playing smartly. That’s something I also love about this game, you can keep your board running for quite a while. I don’t like games where very quickly, you’ve lost the game and are starting a new one. City2048 keeps you playing, strategizing, and combining. In the end, you’re score is based off of the population of your city. The bigger the buildings you have, the higher the population.

image1 (4)After that, it’s back to the empty grid to try to top your last score. I know I’ve definitely bested myself since I took this picture. With each game, you get better and better at knowing where & when to combine, and how best to get those two plots together.

City2048 is a brilliant, beautifully designed game that keeps you playing. It’s lovely to look at, lovely to play, and is addicting in a perfect, not-to-intense way. It’s a great game for the casual phone-gamer, and is a fun way to exercise your brain a bit while passing some time.

So get to downloading, and get to combining, Fangirls!



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