The Flash: “The Trap”

Not from the episode, just a cool picture!

Woah, so this episode continues the colossal end that is quickly heating up for Season 1 of The Flash!

While in Wells’ secret room, which they start to call the Time Vault, Barry learns about his battle with the Reverse-Flash in the future which causes his disappearance. He also learns about key moments in his life that include marrying Iris, a promotion at the CCPD, and that he created the artificial consciousness known as Gideon in the future. This is the AI that Dr. Wells has been using this whole time so, it was surprising to learn that Barry created her and she takes his orders without question.

The team regroups at Barry’s home, where Barry explains a plan to convince Wells to confess to killing his mother. The episode itself is peppered with flashbacks to when Barry was in his coma, including a flashback where Dr. Wells gets out of his chair to speak to Barry while he is in his coma, revealing how much he would like to kill him and how it pains him that he needs Barry to get home. The team creates a set of glasses that will allow Cisco to travel into his dreams and be lucid to see how he got Wells to confess before.

The TrapIn order to trap Wells, Cisco reverses the polarity of his containment field to protect himself from Wells or any speedster. Caitlin films the interaction to capture Wells’ confession but, the trap fails and Joe shoots Wells before he can kill Cisco. Barry tried to stop the bullets but only manages to grab all but one out of the air. As Wells dies, his body transforms revealing himself to be Hannibal Bates.

reverse_flash_last_stand_by_uncannyknack-d8e1m05The real(fake) Wells calls the team, revealing that he was always aware of their actions because he had them under surveillance which Barry finds in the Time Vault. Wells goes after Iris and Eddie just as Eddie is about to propose to Iris which, Joe said no to earlier because he knows she would say yes and realize one day that she married the wrong man but would stay because she made a promise and he doesn’t want that for his daughter. Barry arrives forcing Wells to kidnap Eddie instead of Iris. Wells reveals to Eddie that he is really Eobard Thawne, Eddie’s future relative.

The next episode looks like it finally heavily addresses the idea of Grodd but, considering his role in the books, I suspect he will not be defeated for good at the end of the episode.

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