Nerds Gotta Drink: Provincia di Pavia Primo Amore

Of course as a single Fangirl, I fall in love with a wine with the word “love” in the name.


I do not tend to be a wine person, Fangirls.  I prefer my alcohol hard and sweet; I’ve found myself liking vodkas more than anything else, except mixed drinks.  But one day, my mother and I went out to Olive Garden (of all places) and tasted this absolutely delightful white wine that stole my heart.

Now, I’ve tried wines before, and for the most part, I hate them.  I don’t want them in my mouth, or even all that close to me.  I just am not about it.  But then I tasted Primo Amore, and I really do think I’ve fallen in love.  This wine tastes like honey.  It’s incredibly sweet and delicious, and honestly it’s not expensive (between $10-$12).

And you know what?  I’m a big label person.  I love going to booze stores because of all of the beautiful (and incredibly ugly) labels.  I know the saying suggests not judging books by their covers, but we’re not talking about books, we’re talking about booze.  This one has a great label.  It has that lovely silver leaf compass at the top, and raised text (which is one of my favorite things).  It also uses a textured paper, which makes me weak in the knees.

This moscato is unlike anything I’ve tasted, and there really isn’t more to say about it than that.  Go buy yourself some cheap and delicious wine, Fangirls, because saying that you deserve it is an understatement.








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