Avengers Age of Ultron

Fangirls, I had a crazy day yesterday.  I had classes in the afternoon, then had to prepare for and host a party at the school, all the while, I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to see Age of Ultron until Sunday.  And that was too long of a wait for me, I’m sure you can understand.  On the way to my house, one of the Evil Geeks was talking about how much of a bummer it was that our mall doesn’t do midnight showings of new movies.  I mentioned that there were some late ones; we found out that there was one that had just started, so we turned and went right to the mall.


After sprinting to the theater and buying tickets, we got in, and previews were still going.  So we sat down, and got ready for a super rad movie.


Fangirls, this movie was awesome.  It started right in with action, and didn’t stop the whole time.  It starts with the Avengers fighting their way into a Hydra stronghold, to get Loki’s scepter out.  They succeed, but only after some serious fighting.  Iron-Man also experiences the Scarlet Witch’s powers, and sees how he could be the downfall of the Avengers.  In hopes of remedying that, back at Avengers tower, he enlists the help of Bruce Banner to take the artificial intelligence inside of the scepter and put it into some sort of sentinel; a sentinel called Ultron.


It doesn’t work, at first.  But on the night before Stark is to return the scepter to Asgard, Ultron is born.  Ultron instantly takes down Jarvis, and learns everything possible from him, before surprising the Avengers with his new body and buddies (all members of the Iron-Man Legion, a group of Iron-Man suits that fight on their own).  He fights hard, but escapes with the scepter.  When the group realizes what Stark had to have done to create Ultron, they’re all pissed.  They know that Ultron’s version of saving the world will end out with him cleansing it.

As the movie goes on, Ultron gets a massive storage of Vibranium from Wakanda (when Wakanda was first mentioned, I was really hoping for a Black Panther cameo.  No such luck).  There, the Avengers see that he has teamed up with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and learn about Scarlet Witch’s powers the hard way.  It gives us a neat insight to everyone’s fears, and Black Widow’s past.  Before they take down Scarlet Witch, she gets to the Hulk, and he makes a big mess.  So bad that all of the Avengers have to go into hiding after the Hulkbuster armor brings down the Hulk.  It’s pretty scary; I was really worried for him.

The Avengers get to a secret safehouse, which almost none of them seem to know about.  The only ones who do are Natasha and Clint; because it’s where Clint has been keeping his (expectant) wife and two kids hidden.  Since Natasha and Clint are close friends, the kids know her as Aunt Nat, which is beyond adorable.  At the safehouse, Thor leaves to make sure Asgard is safe, Cap and Iron-Man start fighting, and an old friend shows up.

Fury, the old friend, starts to explain how imperative it is that they take down Ultron, and while they’re hiding out, Ultron is very busy.  He and his Ultron copies have gone to a lead genetic engineer, and are having her create him a human-esque body to download his consciousness into, but they get interrupted by the Avengers.  They secure the body (which has the yellow infinity stone embedded in it’s forehead), but they lose Widow in the process.  They don’t know what has happened to her, other than Ultron has her.

Stark is about to finish off the body, even though the newly teamed up Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver along with Captain America are not into it.  Thor bursts in and uses his lightening to give the body the energy it needs, and the Vision is born.  I absolutely lost it when Vision casually picked up Mjolnir, and handed it to Thor.  That proved that he was good enough to be a part of the Avengers.


They plan and exact an assault on Ultron, and though it doesn’t end as well as it could, they save a ton of people, and it seems like all is well.  There was one casualty, Quicksilver, which I had known about beforehand (someone in my class knew spoilers, and was kind enough to share them with me), but it really leads up like it’s going to be Hawkeye (meeting his family, more backstory on him, he gives a speech to Scarlet Witch about the importance of doing their job no matter what, and then he’s saving a child, when Ultron comes after him, but Quicksilver sacrifices himself to save him).  I’m honestly quite glad it was Quicksilver; he’s kind of a cocky jerk, and his speed is really neat, but Scarlet Witch is really fucking powerful, and I’m glad she stayed alive for the entirety of the movie.  Plus she really hurt Ultron after she felt Quicksilver die, and that was great.

In the end, Vision kills Ultron, Hulk works to disappear, and everyone seems to be doing their own things.  It’s a little weird to see them so separated, but with Civil War on the Horizon, it isn’t too shocking.  Widow and Cap start training the “new” Avengers; Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and the Falcon.  The new training facility is in Upstate New York, and that got me really pumped, because that’s my backyard!

Altogether, I loved it.  It was action from start to finish, and I really enjoy that.  I don’t think I blinked at all during the movie because I didn’t want to miss anything.  I was really hoping for some Ant-Man sprinkled in there because I’m used to the Ultron story where Pym creates him, but no such luck.  The trip to Wakanda and the post credits scene (Thanos grabbing his glove, and saying “Fine, I’ll do it myself”, and The Avengers will return being shown on screen) were the only hints at what’s next for the Avengers.  I do need to familiarize myself with the Civil War story to prepare for what’s next.  I’m sure we’re going to lose someone else, because I believe that’s an arc almost no one survives.  Good thing they’re training these new guys, huh?  Another thing that I almost guffawed at, was the inclusion of a Pinnochio soundclip from the No Strings song.  Thanks, Disney.

If you can, you should definitely go see the Avengers: Age of Ultron, and get pumped for the films in the MCU that are on their way.  It’s going to be a great summer for Marvel, and I’m ready.  Are you?










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