Coffin Hill Issue 16

Fangirls, every time I read Coffin Hill, I try to mentally prepare myself for the horrors inside.  Every time it isn’t nearly enough.  Though the comic doesn’t scare me (I feel like turning a page gives you a splash full of spoilers; it’s harder for something to “pop out” at you in a comic), I worry for Eve and her friends a lot, because this stuff is serious.


In issue 16, we get another look into Eleanor Coffin’s past.  Turns out she was in the psychiatric hospital because she tried to kill herself.  Her roommate, who says the Coffin Witch killed her family, warns Ellie from staying too long, lest she meet the same fate.

In the present, Officer Wilcox is working with the new Chief and Lou to clear a house that is full of bodies.  In a family of four, the two parents are dead.  When the officers go upstairs, they find a third, a child, dead, and the other child wielding a hammer, screaming for them to get out.  As the child attacks Wilcox, the new Chief shoots her, but Wilcox is the one who seems to feel regret.


Wilcox has a theory, about these little girls who have been accused of killing their families.  She believes that they are being helped, but she isn’t sure by what or whom.  The two girls who lived to trial (the third of which is the one that just got shot) both said that an imaginary friend killed their families.  With suspicion, Eve calls up Bianca, and invited her to learn how to raise the dead.

They end up in limbo, and are immediately attacked by people who are saying that Eve killed them.  When Bianca tries to leave, the Coffin Witch (Eve’s grandmother), tells her that it really is her fault.  Eve opened doors willingly as a teenager, and when she saved her friend, Melanie, she made it so the dead could walk freely, without tethers.  And then she kills Eve.


Luckily, back in our world, there are paramedics on hand with a defibrillator and she is brought back.  But boy is she in some serious shit now that the dead have seen her face.

Fangirls, sometimes I really can’t handle Coffin Hill.  It’s incredibly intense, and though I don’t fear it, I’m sure it feeds nightmares for others.  The imagery is so strong, and the writing is quite scary, and it’s so well done I don’t want to stop reading it, ever.








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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