Bend Over & I’ll Show You Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

Fangirls, by now we all know that I have some strong feelings for soap.  I love the lather, the scents, and even the goofy names.  Awhile back I ordered Fortune Cookie Soap’s sample pack (for less than $10!) and got a pretty wide array of soaps.  One of them is the “Bend Over & I’ll Show You.”


I didn’t like this one, Fangirls.  I know there are a couple reasons, and I’ll get to them, but I think it’s rather important that right off the bat you know I am not into this soap.  For the most part, I’ve been really lucky with FCS’s soaps from my sampler pack, and how well they’re working for me.  This wasn’t a good one.


I know the first thing that put me off was the title.  I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but titles are important, in books, work situations, and even soaps.  A clever name can go a long way, but I do not like this one.  It’s very off-putting, and I honestly felt a bit threatened by it when I opened my package and saw this title.  I’m just not about it.


The next thing that I wasn’t big on was the scent.  It’s kind of familiar, but I can’t really put a name to it, and that’s frustrating me.  I want to know what it is, but when I look it up, I have no luck, which is the final thing I dislike about this soap.

Maybe they’re out.  Maybe they aren’t that into this soap anymore.  Either way, I wasn’t excited that not only could I not figure out the scent, but when I went to look for it, I got this message:


I understand that sometimes you end up with too much of something, and you want to get rid of it.  But the soap sampler (in my mind) is something you sell so people can try a range of your products, and if they like them, they can buy them.  It can be super helpful, and definitely bring in more business.  But the possibility that it’s being used to get rid of stuff?  Not into it.

On the bright side, just like the other soaps I’ve tried from Fortune Cookie Soap, this soap lathered well, and left me feeling soft.  It (like Vivid) had some glitter in it, but it didn’t stick to my skin, which was nice.  The sample lasted for 4 showers and a hand wash, and I think that may have something to do with the fact that I kind of let the water run over it for longer than necessary a couple times; I was not into it.

Though I don’t recommend this soap to anyone (and even if I did, you can’t get it), I do still think pretty darn highly of Fortune Cookie Soaps, and recommend many of their other scents/soaps (specifically Vivid, Polyjuice Potion, and Once a Beach, Always a Beach).  Check out the company, and their good products, and stay away from threatening ones.








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Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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