Free Comic Book Day Marvel Preview

There were a few stand out books on this past weekend’s Free Comic Book day, but I was interested in the one book that was actually a few mini issues in one. Marvel released a book that had a few pages of three upcoming series, previewing the “New Marvel Universe”. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but I took a peak into the future of Marvel.

It didn’t seem so bad. Even though I’m just a bit more new to the whole world of Marvel, it still feels weird to see all these characters as somewhat different characters. But of course, things can’t always stay the same, and change is good, right? These didn’t seem so bad. Free_Comic_Book_Day_Vol_2015_All-New,_All-Different_AvengersThe first of the three was a peak into the brand new Avengers. There is Ms. Marvel, which I’m of course ecstatic about, and what appears to be a new Spider-Man, or at least a new costume. There’s Nova, and someone who looks like Martian Manhunter but not quite, but who he is isn’t addressed in the comic. There is the new Captain Marvel, and also what appears to be a new Iron Man. Now, when Cap addressed Iron Man in one panel, he called him “Sam”. I’m not entirely sure what that is about, since I had thought that the new Cap was going to be Sam Wilson. I tried to do some digging online to figure out more about all of these new characters, but I couldn’t find much. The bunch goes to look into a big mess, and find themselves on the trail of the Radioactive Man, whom they end up not being able to catch. There’s some moments of doubt for the newer members, and some pep talks from the “older” ones. All in all, it wasn’t too bad of a mini comic. Free_Comic_Book_Day_Vol_2015_Secret_Wars_SolicitThe next in the book was something that seems to be called  Secret Wars. It starts in India, being narrated by a Bollywood star named Ajay Roy. He talks about the socioeconomic caste of India, and how he has moved up it, and done bad things to keep change at bay. He’s a a premiere for his new movie, when suddenly all hell breaks loose and a nice ol’ Terrigen cloud moves in. Suddenly, Ajay is a big tree guy (who looks an awful lot like Groot?), and is super pissed about it. He lifts up a car, and suddenly another man moves in the way, shooting out some sort of electronic forces fro his hands. A group of Hydra lovers moves in, hoping to take these newly super powered folks, but of course, Medusa won’t have that. The lovely Medusa moves in, and tells the agents to hit the road. Naja sits along side the guy with the force field hands, to give him a little talk about what the heck is going on. She explains Inhumans, the cloud, and that they’ll help him adjust to his new life as an Inhuman. He seems like a nice gent. 4484198-maxrideff2015001_dc11-0The last two pages are a very quick look at something called Max Ride; First Flight, by James Patterson. It’s a small girl in a dress, moving towards a cliff,  referring to herself as “Max” in the third person. She seems to be running from some spooky, big teethed creatures. She loses hope, reaches the cliff, but then jumps, and flies. So their we go, another new Maximum Ride comic from Patterson. To be honest, I don’t know much about those other than that there has been a lot. The quick preview was pretty.

So there you have it, Fangirls. Three in one from Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day release. They were all not bad, but very short so it was hard to tell. I think this was a good way to ease people in to all of the vast amount of new stuff that will be happening with Marvel over the next few weeks. Good luck, Fangirls!


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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