Nerds Gotta Eat: Woody’s Campfire Food Roundup

image5The title of this article could also be “How to Eat When Temporarily You Have No Kitchen”. My entire kitchen has to be renovated over the next month, Fangirls, but that’s to some finally beautiful weather, that means that I can just eat like a cowboy in my backyard. I asked my self, “what would Woody do?”, and got to cookin’.

Now, I feel like people are intimidated by cooking on an open flame. In reality, it’s incredibly easier and makes everything taste better. Really the hardest part is to build your fire, which is handy skill for everyone to have, then go wild. We made a few things in our fire last night; Potatoes, fruit & hot peppers tin foil bake, hot dogs, and banana boats for dessert. To make all of that, you’ll just need these things:image1

Hot dogs
Hot dog fixin’s (We used onions, mustard, and relish)
Long skewer sticks
Sweet Potatoes
1 small can pineapple rings
1 small can sliced peaches
1 small container hot peppers
Banana fixin’s (We used dark chocolate, honey, coconut oil, and cinnamon)
Tin foil

First step is to prep everything. If you can have someone out building a fire or already have one roaring while this is going on, that is preferable. Collect your hot dog fixings, chop what requires chopping, then put that all aside together. Next, is to assemble the tin foil bake. You can put loads of things in here, whatever veggies or fruit you want, you can even add in meat, seriously whatever you want. We used pineapple, peaches, and hot peppers, because it’s a real winning combination.image2 - CopyTo make a tin foil bake, place all of those ingredients into a large sheet of tin foil, roll in the long sides of the foil, then tightly tuck in the extra foil to make a sort of seal. Then, tightly roll in the other two sides. Everything should be nicely sealed in there. Wrap the potatoes similarly, just by tightly covering them all up in a sweet of foil.

Tin foil pack.
Tin foil pack.

Lastly, prep you dessert. These bananas are so fucking delicious, and so easy. Take a banana, leave it unpeeled, and cut it length wise down the middle. Then, stuff it with sweet goodness. We used dark chocolate chips, honey, chunks of coconut oil, and some cinnamon. However, the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen a lot of people do a smores situation where they put chocolate, mini marshmallows, and sprinkle on some graham crackers. Reach for the sky, Fangirls. Wrap them up the same way you did the foil pack above. image4 - CopyOnce everything is prepped, and tucked tightly into their tin foil, it’s time to start cooking. Place a grill grate on top of your fire, and then place all of the wrapped food right on there.

image5Place the hot dogs on some long skewers and just roast those over the flames until your desired burnt-ness. The potatoes will take about a half hour, be should to carefully rotate them around so that they cook evenly. The foil pack, a little less time than that, but I kept it on the whole time because I like the fruit & everything charred. image7While I was eating all this, I placed the bananas on the fire. They took about 15-20 minutes to get nice and hot and melty. Get ready to feast your eyes on these friends when you bring them out of the tin foil, they’re just as darn beautiful as Bo Peep. Giddy up.

image8So there you have it, Fangirls. Four super tasty, simple things to make in a half hour or less over an open fire. It’s the type of great food that also becomes an activity, and who doesn’t like an excuse to play? So, get some fire wood, some delicious eats, and pray that no one has poisoned the water hole.


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