Black Widow Issue 13

Fangirls, there wasn’t much for action in issue 12, but 13 is an entirely different story. Well, there’s not as many explosions as I was prepared for, but in case the cover doesn’t scream “gettin’ shit done” to you, then I don’t know what would.


In this issue, we find out some important things. First of all, Isaiah’s not dead. He’s in a lot of pain, and definitely not as great as he could be, but the dude is functioning. For an attorney, he sure puts up with a serious beating for Natasha, and doesn’t seem all that bothered by it.

Second of all, we learn Chaos is pissed. They sent Rashid after Isaiah to hurt Natasha, but they’ve also cleaned out all of her accounts. She has no money, just a ton of bad press. And they aren’t just mad at her; they’re cleaning house. They’re going through their contacts and informants and making sure they’re all for the greater good types, ready to help out. One of them is Natasha’s contact, and she isn’t all that pro-Chaos at the moment. She finds Natasha and gives her a very important list.


The list include names and locations of the accountants who work for Chaos. It’s their jobs to keep the money clean and coming into Chaos’ hands, and the first one on that list is Rashid. Natasha asks for some big guns and her cat (from her contact), and gets both. Then she gets to work.

She finds Rashid, plants a gun on him, and takes over airport security to question him. She’s about to release him when he makes a comment about how enjoyable shooting Isaiah was, and she kills him immediately. With him crossed of her list, she still has a lot to do, so she gets to doing.


Back in New York, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) goes to visit Isaiah in the hospital. He tells him that he’s worried about Natasha, and that Director Hill is on a warpath. Isaiah mentions that Natasha left a list with him for Director Hill, and she’s welcome to get it at any time.

Fangirls, I’m really excited about this issue. Not only is Natasha raising hell, but she seems to be enjoying it. This is the type of stuff she’s good at, and she gets to do it for herself instead of for SHIELD or the Avengers or just the USA in general. Now she’s on her own mission, and nothing can stop her.

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