Let’s Talk About: YouTube for Sex Education

flat,800x800,075,t.u1I believe that the internet is far from something that should be written off as an education source. Sure, the internet is full of a lot of bullshit, silly things, but is also a incredibly useful source of information on thousands of topics, my favorite to research of course being sex. I have found so much fantastic, real information online, most abundantly from incredible people on YouTube.

I know I have definitely mentioned all of the great creators on YouTube that I enjoy learning about sex from. I want to mentally slap anyone who thinks that these are not credible educators. Tons, I mean tons, of what I have learned about sex I have learned on YouTube over the years. When I’m stuck on a topic, I turn to Dr. Lindsay Doe, Laci Green, or a laundry list of people on YouTube to help me out with my research. I feel that I can always count on them to give me the information I am looking for.

If not for information, it also provides great conversation, and a fantastic, sometimes humorous way to engage conversation about sex. These videos open up talks around the entire world about things that many people might not even be talking about in their homes. I think that’s something pretty damn important. The creators on the internet know that a lot of areas of education are lacking, so people are turning to the internet for better information. However, the internet is also a giant source of entertainment, so the two have combined to make some seriously brilliant stuff. With that, I bring you some of my favorite videos about sex that YouTube has to offer.

So there you have it, Fangirls. Just a small handful, merely a sampling of the wonderful sex education you can find on the Tube. I have spent hours just watching these for fun and for education, and often take notes while watching them. It’s alright to doubt the information you might find on the internet sometimes, but don’t write it off completely. It’s a fantastic, very accessible tool that everyone can use. There’s new information everyday, supplied by intelligent people of all walks off life. I believe that I, and all Fangirls alike, can always count on the internet, and YouTube specifically, to get our brains where they’re looking to be going. However, be very aware of the video spiral effect, Fangirls. Even when educational videos, it will still suck you in just the same.



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