Feminerd: Where is Black Widow’s Representation?

A couple weeks back, the Mary Sue released an article about Black Widow’s lack of representation on Age of Ultron merchandise.  I’ve always been upset by the lack of female characters holding their own when it comes to merchandise and clothing especially, but I was really bummed when I found that Disney wasn’t putting Widow on merchandise, even though they’ve been working with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe for years.


I love Black Widow.  I think her current comic is top notch, her role in the movies is intense and terrifying, and her character in general is just fantastic.  She’s an ex-KGB agent who is now working for SHIELD and with the Avengers.  According to her comic, she is also working to right the wrongs she caused in her past, but now Disney is snubbing her.

Eckstein (owner and creator of Her Universe, the most rad of all clothing lines, designed for female nerds), has released her newest line, based around Age of Ultron.  She did not leave Natasha Romanov out in the rain; Romanov’s two pieces of the six available put her in better standing than the boys (Cap, Loki, Thor, and Iron-Man also have pieces in the collection), but she’s still out numbered.


We need more Widow, Fangirls.  We need more merchandising options for her, and other females in Marvel (and across all the fandoms).  I’ve spent all of this time talking about Black Widow, but what about Scarlet Witch?  She’s also in Age of Ultron, but Disney merchandise featuring her is nowhere to be found.  Nebula, Gamora?  Those ladies are left in the cold as well.

Fangirls, you deserve choices when it comes to the ladies in fandoms.  Companies need to realize that we are done taking “no” for an answer; No Black Widow, No Way.  Let’s remind them that women are an important part of not only the franchises, but an important part of the world.









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