DIY: Thrift Store Crop Top

image_7One of my favorite things to do, and ways to save money, is to shop for styles I love online or in the mall, then search for similar looks at the thrift store. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you can certainly find something close, and alter it to be a custom piece of your dreams. This weekend, $10 and 20 minutes turned into two new killer crop tops.

My girlfriend has been on the hunt for some springy new tops, so this weekend we took to the thrift store. The shirts she was hoping to buy at the mall were out of her price range, but you shouldn’t have to go without the styles you’re loving. Luckily, the thrift store is swimming in cheap button downs. So we picked out two, and I told her how I could quickly alter them at home to suit what she was looking for. We found a fabulous flannel and the most beautiful, 90’s screaming patterned button down I’ve ever seen.

image (5)The most time consuming part of this whole process is finding the shirts themselves. Once you get those bad boys home, you’re only 20 minutes away from some sweet new digs. Place the shirt on a person, yourself, or a mannequin if you have one, and make some marks for where you want to start chopping. Always make the marks a little below where you think/want them to fall, just to keep room for mistakes, and to be sure you get what yo want. I wanted to turn these beauties into tank top crop tops, so I had my girlfriend put on the shirts and mark how high she wanted them, and where they fell on her shoulders. Some shirts will have that great seam along the shoulders that you can cut along, the 90’s one did. For the other shirt, though, we decided to cut a bit below the shoulder so that they could be rolled up After a few sharpie marks, we were on our way. image_1 (5)For the easiest cutting, make sure the shirt is buttoned up, and laid flat. Make sure all the seams are lined up, and also have a really good pair of scissors ready to use. Then, go to town, but go steady!

image_3 (5)Once the clothes are cut, try them on again to see how things fall. Trim up anything unwanted or uneven, and then you’ve got yourself some lovely new crop tops to sport in the warmer weather.

image_8image_4 (5)Lookin’ good, Fangirl. These are such an easy & cheap update to make. Throw on some highwaisted shorts with these and damn. It took barely twenty minutes to cut the shirts, and I could pay for them with a few bucks I had in my wallet. It took longer, and probably cost the same in gas, to drive home from the thrift store itself. So head to your local consignment shop and create visions of some new summer clothes. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling to wear awesome clothes that you’ve re-purposed with your own two Fangirl hands.










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